Tyler Perry, Taraji Henson, and Sanaa Lathan at The Family That Preys premiere
Sep 09 2008
9:58 pm

Tyler Perry’s “The Family That Preys” Premiere >> Interviews

Last night Tyler Perry premiered his newest film “The Family That Preys” at Loews theater in New York. The movie is an original screenplay with a familiar feel. I really want to dig into dude for his predictable plots, but I can’t do that when he’s giving so many actors and actresses work they wouldn’t find any place else in Hollywood.

Not much in the way of pics this time: let’s hear what they have to say.


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Robin Givens
Aug 31 2007
9:38 am

Robin Givens Speaks on Owen Wilson + Hollywood Celebs Battling Depression

Had no idea Robin Givens was an authority to speak on depression, but there she was yesterday on FOX news giving her opinion of Owen Wilson’s suicide attempt. His lawyer has denied that Owen had his stomach pumped and said he wasn’t aware of any illegal drugs in his system at the time of the incident. He did mention that he’s been taking anti-depressants.

It’s one thing to see Amy Winehouse go from thick to thin in pictures and believe there’s a problem. But Owen Wilson?.. The Wedding Crasher, You, Me and Dupree.. Bottle Rocket guy? It just seems bizarre.


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