Common lying on a bed in Blue Sky video
Oct 29 2011
5:23 pm

Common “Blue Sky” (video): “Go Get Your Dreams”

On Thursday, Common released his new video “Blue Sky”; the single off his upcoming album The Dreamer, The Believer.

The video begins with a faded, upside down shot of Common which slowly comes into focus. He’s lying face up on a bed with his eyes closed. Once he starts rapping and lyrics like, “daylight beams, nightlife schemes, this is my Inception, I’m writing my dreams,” emerge, it’s clear he’s lying there thinking of things he wants to achieve and reflecting on those he has already accomplished.


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Common and a big smile from Maya Angelou at The Friars Club
Oct 28 2008
9:08 pm

The First Black President? The ‘Chocolate News’ Perspective

Common and Maya Angelou stopped for a picture at yesterday’s Benefit for Readers and Writers at The Friars Club in NYC. Whenever I see Maya Angelou, I can’t forget her firm support for Hillary Clinton during the primarys. She was swayed by Hillary’s experience and dedication to the ‘struggle.’ Both arguable points, but who, with a scrap of home training, would get in the face of someone that could easily be their own grandmama? Not to mention Maya Angelou’s earned spot in the cultural lexicon.


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Common in Announcement video
Aug 28 2008
1:15 pm

Common + Pharrell “Announcement” Video (!)

Common is gearing up for his new album Invincible Summer. Considering it’s August 28th, he may have to rename it to Unbeatable Falls. The first single “Announcement” finds Common and Pharrell doubling up on a “Blues and Pants” inspired guitar riff.


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Common in Wanted
Jun 27 2008
6:45 pm

Common Talks “Wanted” + First Fans in the Lobby Movie Reactions

The only movie to see this weekend is “Wanted” starring Angelina Jolie. Common also makes a splash in the movie. He’s quietly building a serious acting resume and cashing checks bigger than any he’s earned with a microphone. With a new album due this summer, it helps to keep the music pure when eating isn’t dependent on gold or platinum plaques. At this point for Common, hip-hop is the gravy: you’d like some, but butter and salt is just fine.

In a press interview Common spoke about mingling with Hollywood’s elite.


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Common and Lily Allen - Trace Magazine
Oct 17 2007
5:31 pm

Common and Lily Allen in Trace Magazine. Lily Who?

Common and Lily Allen are on the cover of this month’s Trace magazine. Expect well-deserved praise for Common’s growth and Finding Forever; I was more interested in this Lily Allen chick.

Kanye West put Common on to her music. The Trace article answers the, who, what, where did she come from questions. Turns out she’s an unknown/unproven Myspace artist, turned undeniable star.

Common and Lilly Allen - Trace Magazine


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Joss Stone - Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now - screen capture
Jun 12 2007
11:51 am

Joss Stone and Common Release the First (RED) Video

Joss Stone and Common have come together for the release of her new single and video “Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now” featuring Common. Joss Stone will be the first (RED) artist to contribute 100% of her share of the proceeds from each video sold on iTunes to the fund.

You ask, why would she do that?

She would answer, why not?


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common - alicia keys
Apr 27 2007
8:24 pm

Common on Finding Forever, Loving Music, and Lily Allen

What do you do when you take a trip to New Zealand?

If your name is Common New Zealand is a place for late night studio sessions.

New Zealand

Yeah, Common was halfway across the world in some tucked away studio recording tracks for his new album, Finding Forever.


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