Ashanti in pink dress on top of the Empire State Building
Sep 25 2009
1:05 am

Ashanti Celebrates The 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

Did somebody say Ashanti? Yeah, I read the comments and conveniently she is in the news. On Thursday, Ashanti was on CBS’s Early Show to talk about the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Later in the day she was at the Empire State Building where the picture up top was taken. How is she qualified? This April, Ashanti took on the starring role of Dorothy in the Broadway musical The Wiz, the African-American remix of Frank Baum’s classic. In the 70s, Stephanie Mills (the play) and Diana Ross (the movie) both made The Wiz a success and generally received good reviews. According to the NY Times, Ashanti is less convincing..


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Ashanti at the 2008 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
Nov 28 2008
2:48 pm

Ashanti “Shine” @ Thanksgiving Day Parade + Special Orange Chicken

Ashanti was at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the interview segment Ashanti was asked what she was thankful for and the interviewer kind of hinted that her career was one of those things. It was funny watching Ashanti answer, because as she was talking you could see the wheels turning. In the back of her mind she was thinking, ‘My album went wood for the fourth-fifth time.. I’m ‘thankful’ for this career with conditions.’

Ashanti sang “Shine”.. a song off Declaration. Few would know that (see above).


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J&R Music World MusicFest 2008 - Ashanti
Aug 24 2008
5:32 pm

J&R MusicFest 2008 - Ashanti, Joe, Nicole Henry, and Esperanza Spalding

The J&R music festivities continued yesterday afternoon as Ashanti and Joe took the stage in NY’s City Hall park. Ashanti gave them some of this..

J&R Music World MusicFest 2008 -

and some of that.


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Ashanti at The Island Next Door event in NYC
Jul 22 2008
10:05 pm

Ashanti Promotes The Island Next Door. That’s..  Long Island

This afternoon, Ashanti was in NY’s Rockefeller Center to promote Aloha, Baby: The Island Next Door. When the word ‘island’ comes to mind you think, blue water, white sandy beaches, bikinis, and fruity drinks. That’s what I think smile

The Island Next Door is a whole nother Island.. Long Island, NY.

The program was created by Thomas Suozzi to pump the idea that, Long Island, specifically Nassau county, is the perfect place to vacation in this environment of high gasoline prices, a tight economy, and break the bank air travel tickets.

Tom Suozzi (the guy next to Ashanti) speaks..


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Ashanti on stage at Pure Nightclub
Jan 30 2008
3:23 pm

Ashanti Performs “The Way I Love You” at PURE in Las Vegas - Part Deuce

Ask and sometimes you’ll receive. As you should know by now, Ashanti performed at PURE in Las Vegas over the weekend. Jayman peeped dude with the ‘big camcorder’ and long behold, a clip from the camera man’s side of the stage is live and popping. Fuzzy as all hell, but it’s the same angle. Guess they’ll save the DVD quality for a bonus feature with the album.


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Ashanti on stage at Pure Nightclub
Jan 28 2008
12:28 pm

Flickerazzi Plus - Ashanti Performs at Pure in Las Vegas

This past Saturday, Ashanti performed at Pure Nightclub at Ceasar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The Myspace sponsored event doubled as a pre-season warm up for her return to the music scene sometime this Spring. Given the pathetic state of music right now, where new artists, complete with star power, are few to non-existent, Ashanti just might be able to break through the thick crust of haters that bashed her last two albums into the dust bin.

Always have been a ‘she’s not that bad’ flag waver. The worst singer ever stuff just never made sense to me. But don’t go buying me her Greatest Hits. I’ve got Ipod standards. haha.


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Sep 21 2007
3:22 pm

Flickerazzi: Ashanti and Nelly Back in Action in Las Vegas

Ashanti was at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas yesterday. More promotion for Resident Evil: Extinction. Not only did Ashanti bring the entire Douglas clan..

C. Haynes slipped in the picture.

Wasn’t there all kinds of talk about Nelly and Ashanti splitting up just a few months ago?


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Ashanti Smiling at the VMAs
Sep 19 2007
8:52 am

Ashanti Talks Resident Evil: Extinction and Trigger Finger Steam Relief

Ashanti ‘Shani Bani’ Douglas thinks she’s slick. She makes her comeback to the public arena creeping through the hole in the backyard fence. Her co-starring role in Resident Evil: Extinction is a complete blindside - barring the advance whispers, of course. We’re talking ‘Ari moves’. From John Tucker Must Die and a Muppets TV special to this? That’s the way to bump a level on the career meter.

During the press tour Ashanti gave a brief description of what Resident Evil: Extinction is about and talked of her experience working on the film. On first listen, I was semi-speechless. She really does sound like she’s grown up a touch. And check the hair and posture, definite shades of Beyonce extra-extra-lite. You know, without the hits and superstar status.

I kid Shani. Have at it.


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Ashanti I Smile Because I'm Free.. or Will Be
Jun 06 2007
8:15 pm

Ashanti Gets on the Murder Inc Contract Smash Diet

While there have been rumors lately about Ashanti breaking from Nelly’s muscled biceps for the leaner arms of Irv Gotti - that’s a metaphor for money, completely non-banana hammock - there doesn’t seem to be any real proof surfacing. Is Ashanti still with Nelly as Allhiphop’s Illseed is going with? Is she with a ‘regular guy’ as Mediatakeout posted? One thing’s for sure, from Irv Gotti’s mouth to your eyes (ears?).. Ashanti won’t be on Murder Inc much longer.

With all the trouble Irv Gotti and Murder Inc have gone through since 50 made the scene, and more importantly the FBI raiding their offices looking for traces of laundered money and drug dealer connections, Ashanti has been an undeserving victim of the whole charade. I mean she has sideburns, but that’s why barber clippers exist.

Ashanti is not as bad of a singer as she’s made out to be.


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