Pharaohe Monch - Wax Poetics
Jun 05 2007
4:35 pm

Pharoahe Monch in Waxpoetics: Solo Aspirations and Feeling Like Sade

Crack the last Waxpoetics and you’ll find Pharoahe Monch in an in depth conversation about the early Organized Konfusion days. If you have no idea who or what Organized Konfusion is, I really can’t help you. Let’s just say, underground champions from the pre-Ipod days, when lyrics were king, beats were dug for, and rappers from all walks of life mixed it up on the same shelf.

Organized Konfusion released three albums before Pharoahe Monch went solo.

Since then he released one solo album in “Internal Affairs” in 1999 (big single - that Godzilla sampled “Simon Says”.. Get the F*ck Up) and has ghostwritten for a few artists, most notably for Diddy on his last album “Press Play.” After 8 years, Pharoahe Monch will release his second solo album “Desire” on June 18th. The reason for the drought between albums?

Labels folding and merging, corporates twiddling their thumbs..


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