Will Smith smacks reporter at Men in Black 3 premiere
May 19 2012
4:34 pm

Will Smith Smacks Reporter for Kissing Him @ Men in Black 3 Premiere

On Friday, Will Smith was in Moscow for the premiere of Men in Black 3. During the usual press the flesh/shaking hands and smiling for the press, one reporter decided to get himself a little something extra.

Will Smith gets a hug from a reporter at Men in Black 3 premiere

He pulled himself closer for what looked like a bro hug, but then kisses Will Smith on the cheek. Will Smith switches to the other side.


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Jada Pinkett-Smith and Willow Smith at Hancock premiere
Sep 09 2010
3:35 pm

Willow Smith Talks About Signing to Jay-Z’s RocNation + Interview (Audio)

Back in July, Jada Pinkett-Smith, put us on to Willow’s budding singing talent. Quick recap: “Let me tell you, she’s 9 years old. I don’t know where that voice came from. She sings like she’s a grown woman. Like she’s been around. I’m like, ‘where does all that experience in your voice come from?’ I have no idea, but she’s something. Music is her thing.”


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Jaden Smith signs autographs at Karate Kid premiere
Jun 14 2010
2:11 pm

Jaden Smith, The Karate Kid Kicks The A-Team Where it Hurts

The Karate Kid put a roundhouse on The A-Team this weekend, taking in $56 million over three days. Will Smith only has two movies with bigger first weekend numbers: Hancock and I Am Legend. Jackie Chan played a part in attracting movie goers; Taraji P. Henson was a bonus for some; but let’s just call Jaden Smith the start of a new generation of Hollywood superstars.


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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith at Hammerstein Ballroom
May 21 2009
2:37 pm

Will Smith Takes on Hurricane Katrina Story: John Keller

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were guests at a Turner broadcasting industry event last night, held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Be honest, outside of the Obamas, they are easily the best looking black celebrity couple on the map. You know, it’s that positive glow. On the action/cut side aka how they eat for a living, Jada will executive produce/star in the hospital drama Hawthorne on TNT premiering June 16. Jada plays Christian Hawthorne, the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital. Get your sneak peek on over there.


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Will Smith and Rosario Dawson at Seven Pounds event in Berlin, Germany
Jan 06 2009
10:14 am

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson in Berlin: Top of the Chart, to Ya

Over the holidays, Seven Pounds, the take my body parts for free, epic, passed the $60 million mark. Not Will Smith’s biggest hit, but enough to clear the $55 million it took to get it on screens. It was all extra anyway. This week Will Smith was tabbed by Quigley as the top box office star of 2008. Quigley polls are regarded as one the most reliable indicators of an actor’s star power. Hancock’s $228 million put Will Smith ahead of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), in second, and The Dark Knight (Christian Bale), in third.


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Beyonce and Idris Elba pondering Obsessed
Dec 23 2008
1:35 am

Beyonce is Obsessed and.. Seven Pounds Worth of Funny

I saw Seven Pounds over the weekend, got home and read the reviews I stayed away from to keep the movie’s twist wrapped tight. I suppose the people walking out of the theater should have been clue, but the real surprise was that the reviews were so harsh. Those people kicking rocks looked like folks looking for Will Smith to do the ol’ shuck and jive. Make me laugh, funny man.. at least shoot somebody. Didn’t know the whole world minus one, gave him the middle finger.

Those of us who braved through it were left wondering if Seven Pounds referred to the weight of his heart or if it was the sum of his heart plus all the other body parts sewed on to people scattered around California. ← That’s the twist. Will Smith comes out of this boxoffice blooper a lucky man, had it been a big hit, some big thinker would have had the time to ask if it might encourage some sad soul to take their own life.


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Seven Pounds - Will Smith and Rosario Dawson
Dec 17 2008
10:23 pm

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson ↔ Seven Pounds Premiere

You know the places, certainly know the faces. Last night Will Smith and Rosario Dawson were all smiles at the Mann Theater in Los Angeles. The red carpet was rolled out for the premiere of their new film Seven Pounds. Remember that? I wonder what seven pounds refers to. Does it tie into the surprise twist in the movie? If you have any interest in seeing this, you better be in a theater this weekend; once that quirk gets out you’ll find yourself, let’s say week two, watching the credits roll and thinking that was it? Kind of like knowing that Bruce Willis is Casper the Ghost in Sixth Sense or The Village is just off a six lane highway.


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Chris Rock and family at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere
Oct 27 2008
5:15 pm

It’s Kid’s Day @ Madagascar 2 Premiere: Chris Rock + Smith’s Come Out

Westwood, California was lit by smiling faces yesterday as the stars of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa came out for an afternoon premiere. Being a cartoon flick meant the kids were invited to the party. Chris and the Rockettes posed for a family photo..

Chris Rock and family with Fergie at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

how Fergie squeezed in there is anyone’s guess.


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Rosario Dawson at MTV's Election Effect
Oct 15 2008
6:48 pm

Will Smith and Rosario Dawson “Seven Pounds” Trailer

That’s Rosario Dawson at MTV’s Election Effect panel discussion. Rosario was their to represent Voto Latino, much in the way that Rosie Perez is on the beat, she talked about the importance of voting this November. You know that story.

A smiling Rosie D gives me the opportunity to post the trailer for Seven Pounds. She’ll co-star with Will Smith, who plays Ben an IRS agent, depressed and guilt-ridden about mistakes he’s made in his past. He decides to make good by helping seven strangers and meets Rosario’s character Emily. He falls in love with her which complicates his plans.


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Dakota Fanning at The Secret Life of Bees Premiere
Oct 07 2008
3:25 pm

BZZZ! It’s The Secret Life of Bees Premiere

Last night The Secret Life of Bees premiered at The Academy Of Motion Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills. The movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Sue Monk Kidd. Don’t know a thing about it? Just picture Dakota Fanning (up above) in the early 60’s South having to leave her town after her nanny (Jennifer Hudson) insults a group of white men. They high tail it to Tiburon, South Carolina, in part to look for “the black madonna” and meet a group of black women who change Dakota’s life.


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