Google Maps - Bryant Park NYC
Jun 01 2007
5:37 pm

Google Debuts Street Views: Paparazzi Made Simple

Google unveiled a new feature this week on Google Maps that lets you zoom to street level. Google Maps used to consist of only satellite views. From 10,000 feet in the air you could see the outline of your house, maybe some trees and streets, spying like a thrift shop James Bond. Now you can zoom into the corner of a street, swing that view 360 degrees, and look up and down that street like you’re on a virtual scooter.

Google has a deal with Immersive media, using their VW Beetles, and Google’s own Google Van that rolls through certain areas of the country -
right now you can view parts of Miami, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, and Denver.. with more to come. But like Google Maps, the cameras don’t operate in real time.


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