Q-Tip at The Renaissance release party
Oct 28 2008
6:14 pm

Q-Tip Celebrates “The Renaissance” at the Bowery Hotel

It looks like Q-Tip will finally get that album on store shelves (and iTune menus). His second solo excursion The Renaissance will be available on election day. So you can either listen to it during the big celebration or the big tune out ↔ Up top, that’ll be the look on everyone’s faces if McCain/Palin are elected by an edge; and try to find any young person that will take politics seriously anymore. Won’t happen. I’m betting the American people are ready for a revival of the spirit and intellectual stimulation ie. a renaissance. Let’s celebrate.


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Busta Rhymes talks Fried Chicken with MTV
Jul 28 2008
11:12 pm

Busta Rhymes Shakes Up Nas’s “Fried Chicken”

Busta Rhymes sat down with MTV to discuss his collaboration with Nas on “Fried Chicken.”
Busta says it’s one of the best songs he’s ever recorded. I’m sure 90% of his fans would differ, but that’s sort of the way artists think in general: their personal best is rarely on a top 10 list. Busta admitted that he got off the subject in the song: Nas said all there was to say about chicken, so he stepped on the pork.

“I know how much we love pork, as black people. The same way we love fried chicken. Knowing that these diets are absolutely not the right things to be following because they give us everything from high blood pressure, to clogging up the arteries, to the trichina worm chewing on the wall of your intestines..


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Nas at his Untitled album release party
Jul 16 2008
9:05 pm

Flickerazzi - Nas “Untitled” Album Release Party

Last night in a tucked away spot in NYC there was an album release party for the man of the week - Nas. Untitled hit stores yesterday; Entertainment Weekly praised it as one of Nas’s best albums. The Baltimore Sun tagged it ‘thoughtful, angry rap’.. making this conclusion, “There’s much to digest and debate on the new album. Nas’ rhymes are often thoughtful and delivered with a welcome dose of energy. If only the music matched the feel and nuance of his rhymes, the album would penetrate even deeper.”

Nas had plenty of energy for the celebration..


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Soulja Boy
Jun 22 2008
12:58 pm

Kanye West Defends Soulja Boy: He’s on Nas Level Sh-t

Oh, the whole Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy nonsense; I really wanted to ignore it.
Ice-T calls Soulja Boy out for being wack; Soulja Boy calls Ice-T Grandpa and to shut up. Yeah, that’s a deep conversation. Well, Kanye West jumped in the middle of it. He defended Soulja Boy on his blog, essentially saying, Soulja Boy is as gifted as Nas.

Kanye Speaks..

“Soulja boy is fresh ass hell and is actually the true meaning of what hip hop is sposed to be. He came from the hood, made his own beats, made up a new saying, new sound and a new dance with one song. He had all of America rapping this summer. If that ain’t Hip Hop then what is?

A bunch of wannabe keep it real rappers that ain’t even relevant, recycling samples trying to act like it’s 96 again and all they do is hate on new shit?


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Nas on the beach in a dew ragt
Apr 21 2008
5:46 pm

Nas Asks >> You Want to “Be a Nigger Too”?

“Be a Nigger Too” is the first drop from Nas new album Nigger. I was wondering if Def Jam was having second thoughts about releasing such a controversial, racially marked album, especially with Barack Obama front and center. Not for political correctness. For artistic relevance: rhyming about being a nigger seems so stupid when a shackled and chained, the man is holding me down, ‘nigger’ can run for president.

Nigger in its alternative flavored spelling is accepted. Hit you with the a on the end and it’s brotherly love. I choose not to use it any form. It never felt right coming from my mouth - couldn’t find the lovely part of the word. But that’s a personal choice and I’ll listen to it in the music with no problem.


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Nas and Kelis in Stop Smiling Magazine
May 30 2007
1:38 pm

Nas Breaks Down Super-Materialism and Hyped-Up Fans in Stop Smiling Magazine

When Nas hit the press last year for “Hip-Hop is Dead.” He did so without any real explanation of what he meant. People on both sides of the ‘what has hip-hop become’ debate got shook and decided Nas was coming after their baby. Southern rappers (T.I. and Lil Wayne) took the, “I’m making money, it must be alive” route; and underground mags (Mass Appeal) propped up profiles featuring underground rappers, nuclear fallout deep, proclaiming they were proof hip-hop isn’t and will never be dead.

Didn’t Young Jeezy want to smack Nas around a little or at least give him a firm talking to?

It was like Moses rose from the ashes, landed on the Empire State Building and smashed the hip-hop commandments on the heads of the heathens. What was all the fuss about?


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Nas and Chrisette Michele
Apr 04 2007
6:01 pm

Nas and Chrisette Michele on David Letterman

Thank Chad and Guy for YouTube. I’m on the computer last night, in the finals of NBA Live, and David Letterman is on, in a background noise kinda way. Letterman announces that Nas is about to perform and I’m thinking it must be an old show. His album’s been out for months. So do I pause for the 3 minutes and change it would take to record it? Nope.

I did pause, frozen from a truly dynamic performance of “Can’t Forget About You”, with Chrisette Michele.

It was an old show though. Taped in February.


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Carmen Bryan and Nas - It's No Secret
Nov 13 2006
5:46 pm

It’s No Secret: Five Things I Learned About Carmen Bryan

1. Even Men That Don’t Know Her Fight Over Her Stuff

“Nope. It’s sold out,” the bookstore clerk said looking at the computer terminal. He gives me a smirk like, ‘you’re reading that crap?’ Hey, I can’t believe it myself. The chance to grab it 1/2 price had a lot to do with it, but now I want to read it so I’m resigned to having to pay full price for it at B&N.

On the way out Jon Leguizamo’s “Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of my Hollywood Friends” caught my eye. Shrugged and took it as a consolation prize, guess I’ll read this crap.

Five steps towards the register and the same clerk runs from behind a display case, “Hey, wait!” He walks up to a guy with.. the book. “Is this it?,” he asked. “Yeah.” Snatches it out of the guy’s hands and gives it to me. The guy is standing there dumbfounded. I’m thinking, that’s really fucked up. Store clerk smiles and starts straightening some books, “it’s yours.” I look at the bookless guy, still holding his hands in the air. “Were you buying it?” I asked him. Store clerk jumps in, “No he wasn’t, take it.” Looking at the guy again.. he says, “If I touch it again, I’m keeping it.” I’m trying to figure out why dude straight ripped the book from his hands to give it to me.. but dude’s not about to touch it again. And then you say to yourself.. if he did would we really be fighting over a book?

A lot like Nas and Jay-Z, if you have Carmen tell it, their rap battle was really about Jay-Z wanting her. Little comments to dig at Nas’ spine. When she accepted Nas’ engagement ring Jay’s jealousy flowed over and as the baby seat line showed, got out of control. It’s yours, it’s mine. It’s yours.. Yeah, it’s mine. Bookless guy worked there, he was reading on store time.


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