David Banner Ballin' on NBA Live 08
Jan 18 2008
6:39 pm

David Banner Speaks on Barack Obama and his Wife the “Beast”

David Banner is never at a loss for words. Whether right or wrong he’s got a lot to say on every subject across the board. It’s why he was invited to testify before Congress at the hip-hop hearings last year. Quick vid after the fact.

Status Ain’t Hood spoke to him recently and asked a more relevant question.

How do you feel about Obama?


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David Banner
May 23 2007
8:44 pm

David Banner on The Wendy Williams Experience: Good Til That Last Drop

I haven’t listened to The Wendy Williams Show in months, this afternoon I’m glad I broke that chain. Mississippi’s own David Banner was at the station. There to promote his new Adult Swim cartoon “That Crook’d Sipp”

He quickly got the business out of the way and went into a few other things worth reverberating through the net.


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