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Kim Kardashian checks her Blackberry

Kim Kardashian Shops for Shoes + Saves the Economy

Retail stores reported that sales were down this holiday season, despite slashing prices to barely sensible margins (for them).  According to the Wall Street Journal, women’s apparel dipped 23%, contributing to 5.5% of red ink splashed across all categories. I guess those numbers don’t include the pair of shoes Kim Kardashian picked up in Beverly Hills this past Friday.

Why I’m posting this is beyond me. Going on a Shoe-Spree with a woman is one of the most torturous things a man can do to himself, but here we go..

Kim Kardashian takes off her socks at a shoe store in Beverly Hills

from the bare feet.

Kim Kardashian admires the patent leather on a pair of shoes in a Beverly Hills shop

To “I like the patent leather.. *blah blah blah blah*..”

Kim Kardashian shows off shoes in a Beverly Hills store

And of course.. “OK. How do they look?”

Kim Kardashian shows off shoes in a Beverly Hills store - from the back

That guy will say anything to make commission.

Kim Kardashian leaves a Beverly Hills shoe store with a few bags and wearing sunglasses

Sold! Kim Kardashian putting the economy back on track, one pair of shoes at a time.

Martin Lawrence and Heavy D laugh it up at Vibe listening party

Martin Lawrence and Heavy D Vibe at Listening Party

Can’t see his eyes, but you know the smile. Over the holidays, Martin Lawrence stopped in at a listening party for Heavy D’s new album Vibe. It feels wacky to even say that: Heavy D has a new album. The guy that brought us “Overweight Lover”, “Mr. Big Stuff”, and in a small way can claim responsibility for Diddy gravitating to Uptown records, has decided to come back to the music world with a reggae album.

I tried to watch the video for “Long Distance Girlfriend” but it makes me scream Jamerican..

Heavy D “Long Distance Girlfriend”

I know Heavy D was born in Jamaica, but I have a cousin who was born in Gemany. Think he’s any good “Plaudern mit den Homies”
The album snippets are way more believable. “Long Distance Girlfriend” sounds better without the visuals too, go figure.

Speaking of Jamaicans, look who else was in the house..

Martin Lawrence and Rohan Marley laugh it up at Vibe listening party

Rohan “Keep em’ Barefoot” Marley. Lauryn was in New Jeruz with their five kids.

some guys kicking back, watching mariachi singers

Washington Mutual Bank: Loan Approvals The Right Way, Just Take a Picture

Years ago, I worked with a guy who made about $30,000 a year. Over half of his salary was going to child support, another third was going to the government for unpaid taxes. After all of the deductions, he was literally left with enough money to eat and get to work. Long story short, he was able to get a mortgage for a house that cost $250,000. Sounds cheap, but this was just before the housing bubble, today that same house would easily go for half-a-million. The guy eventually left and got a better job, but I always wondered how he was able get approved for a loan when he had pocket change at the time his mortgage was approved.

Yesterday, the International Herald posted a great article about Washington Mutual’s (aka WaMu’s) loan practices, that made them one of the fastest rising banks of the last ten years, only to come crashing into Wall Street this September due to their ‘Power of Yes’ philosophy. “Yes” was what all loan officers were encouraged to stamp on any application that crossed their desks. The ultimate goal: sell the mortgages to investment banks, who sold them in mortgage backed and asset security packages to investors around the world.

I’m not sure where my work friend got his loan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Washington Mutual.

Washington Mutual Bank

They approved loans for secretaries claiming CEO salaries, baby sitters sitting on college president money and school teachers peeling back green like Warren Buffet. Eventually word got out that Washington Mutual was the place to go if you wanted a mortgage. Credit checks and income meant nothing, you want a loan? You got it.

In the article a former WaMu mortgage supervisor described just how rigid the loan approval process was. One applicant said he made six figures as a Mariachi singer. OK, some people are able to make a lot of money in unusual ways, but this guy didn’t have any proof of his income. So the supervisor simply had him take a picture of himself in front of his house wearing the Mariachi outift. Wow, this guy’s doing well.. loan approved!

Here’s the full story at Washington Mutual, a relentless urge to approve any loan

If that’s hard on the eyes, have a dude in a polo shirt explain the subprime/us banking crisis.

Subprime US Banking Crisis Explained - Part 1

Subprime US Banking Crisis Explained - Part 2 + Part 3

Yup.. it’s all related.

Beyonce and Idris Elba pondering Obsessed

Beyonce is Obsessed and.. Seven Pounds Worth of Funny

I saw Seven Pounds over the weekend, got home and read the reviews I stayed away from to keep the movie’s twist wrapped tight.  I suppose the people walking out of the theater should have been clue, but the real surprise was that the reviews were so harsh. Those people kicking rocks looked like folks looking for Will Smith to do the ol’ shuck and jive. Make me laugh, funny man.. at least shoot somebody. Didn’t know the whole world, minus one, gave him the middle finger.

Those of us who braved through it were left wondering if Seven Pounds referred to the weight of his heart or if it was the sum of his heart plus all the other body parts sewed on to people scattered around California. ← That’s the twist. Will Smith comes out of this boxoffice blooper a lucky man, had it been a big hit, some big thinker would have had the time to ask if it might encourage a sad soul to take their own life.

Though there were no laughs in Seven Pounds, everyone in my local AMC got a laugh for free when the trailer for Beyonce’s next “I wanna be an actress too” gig popped on the wide-wide screen, it’s Obsessed.. A clean shaven Idris Elba gets your attention, then the office episode that morphs into Fatal Attraction. Beyonce stars as the wifey scorned, and she’s ready to rip a weave out..

Beyonce is “Obsessed”

When this thing ended the entire theater laughed out loud.. I’m sure that’s not the response the studio is looking for at all. Beyonce needs to stick to speaking in the tongues of Sasha, Oscar is not in her stars. ← wink

Barack Obama got dollars

Barack Obama’s Inauguration Options: What to Wear?

We’re a month away from Barack Obama’s big party aka Inauguration day. What does the first mocha-latte president-elect wear to an event that will officially plant the cherry on top of the country’s historic sundae? Don’t ask me. Michelle Obama has fourty dresses to choose from, she’s too busy/won’t be any help either. This is a job for the Stylish one. She’s got pictures, but surprise, you have the answer.

Which tuxedo/suit should Barack H. Obama pop tags off?

Barack Obama inaugaration suit - Brooks Brothers one button tuxedo

Brooks Brothers - One Button Tux

Barack Obama inaugaration Style - Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Morning Coat

Brooks Brothers - Golden Fleece Morning Coat

Barack Obama Inaugaration Style - Sean John Tuxedo 1

Sean John Tuxedo - 1

Barack Obama Inaugaration Style - Sean John Tuxedo 2

Sean John Tuxedo - 2

Barack Obama Inaugaration Style - D Squared

D Squared

Barack Obama Inaugaration Style - Nautica

Nautica Suit

Barack Obama Inaugaration Style - Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna - Tuxedo/Suit