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AV Rockwell - N screenshots

AV Rockwell: Conversations in the Word of N

There are a few words I try not to say, one of them is nigga. Even with the remixed spelling, it just doesn’t feel like a complimentary term; certainly not something I’d call a friend. So on the occasions I do use it, it’s usually in the ‘correct’ context: angry or pointing out the stupidity of folks. The debate over whether to use the word or not, and who gets that ‘privilege’ is time that can be better spent.

You will never convince either side why they might want to rethink their ways: niggas made their choice and they’re sticking with it. It seems like a round trip to Africa - ala Malcolm X,  Richard Pryor, or Dave Chappelle - is necessary before a change of mind comes about. I think Dave Chappelle ‘banned it before he went to Africa, but here’s some light reading “Ixnay on the N-Word already” and “Dave Chappelle: Black Vernacular Intellectual”)

Nevertheless, here’s a video put together by a young director/screenwriter in training AV Rockwell (pictured up top with the peace sign.) It’s a compilation of interviews, with young and older folks talking about the word in a work she simply calls..  “N.”

Check the Miles Davis playing in the background, Spike Lee would love this.

Nicki Minaj in bumble bee tights at M2 Mansion in NYC

Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex @ M2 Christmas 2009

How is your day after Christmas going? If you were in NYC you might be recovering from a wild night at M2 Mansion. After the day’s presents were ripped open and chicken, turkey, and pies put down, Nicki Minaj made her way to the cavernous club for a scheduled appearance; Funkmaster Flex was spinning. Needless to say it was rammed. Here’s confirmation by @BIGLOU_SL “Bottles of liquor flowin like h20 in a Marathon shouts” + @DJ triplethreat “M2 is a jungle!!”

For you little Anna Wintours frowning at Nicki’s choice of dress, here’s a fashion critique retweeted by Harajuka Barbie herself.. “RT @AlbeeYours: I see u @nickiminaj looking like a bumble bee up in Mansion ← lmaooooooo. #sitchoassalldawaydafukdown!!!!!!! Lol”

OK. check the flicks.

Nicki Minaj smiling and Funkmaster Flex at M2 Mansion in NYC

Nicki Minaj grabs the mic at M2 Mansion in NYC

Nicki Minaj and Funkmaster Flex at M2 Mansion in NYC

Nicki Minaj at M2 Mansion in NYC

Rihanna in Hard Hat.. Hard Video

Rihanna Goes “Hard” (Video)! ~ Merry Christmas

It’s the 25th of December! Merry Christmas to all and to all here’s a damn good video. As a late night/early morning present here’s Rihanna’s “Hard” video featuring Young Jeezy. This video is light years ahead of most quote-unquote R&B videos. You’re familiar with Rihanna’s packaging and she continues to keep it at a high level. Sales of Rated R do not reflect the quality of the album. Side effect of that CB scrap. Maybe once this video gets enough play folks will cycle back and pick it up. Look out the window.. it’s Santa!

Rihanna “Hard” feat. Young Jeezy

*The video is there. Hover your mouse over the spot.*

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz at M2 Element of Freedom release party

Alicia Keys “The Element of Freedom” Party: Meet the Ex-One

On December 18, Alicia Keys was on hand at M2 Mansion in NYC for a release party for her stellar new album “The Element of Freedom.” If you don’t have it yet, you need to get off your computer and beat a path to Target/Walmart/Best Buy or pop a tab, click up an online shop and fill a shopping cart. Point is: forget the freebies, good music deserves better dollars (especially these days) and Alicia Keys cooked up something phenomenal for these cold winter months.

On a completely non-musical angle I can tell you listening to the album I wasn’t sure if Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz were still making their lo-pro relationship happen. Oh sure, throughout the album there is the sound and feel of a woman smiling in the glow of a new love, but who that love is I felt was up for question.

The pictures from the release party answer that clearly.. it’s still Swizzy.

Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers, and Swizz Beatz at M2 Element of Freedom release party

The terrible part? Kerry Brothers, Alicia Keys’ rumored ex-boyfriend, was there too. Apparently, Alicia and Kerry are still buddies enough to cheese for the camera. I’m sorry, with Swizz right there, it has to be hard for Kerry to take that picture. On another level it can’t be the first time the three of them have been arm’s length apart, Kerry has a producing/business relationship with Alicia too. No need to lose the money and the woman. smile

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz at M2 Element of Freedom release party

I’m trying to remember what I was doing last Friday, meant to go this party. Looks like it was a good one.

Barack Obama in White House, Weekly Address - Dec 5

President Obama’s Weekly Address: Pushing Forward on Jobs

Is there any reason why president’s Weekly Addresses aren’t broadcast on TV stations every Saturday? At five minutes, it seems like a no-brainer way to keep people informed of the state of the nation. This idea was relevant for George Bush’s presidency, especially during the Iraq war, and boomerangs to the present with Barack Obama and the economy being devastated by Wall Street’s financial crisis. I do know the answer to my question, but explaining it will lead into a four page Neil Postman discourse, cross tracks to a rant about rats wearing $300 ties, and just overall shenanigans.

Not to mention it’s Saturday and I’ve got about 15 minutes to get out of the house. TV is such an afterthought these days, anyway, so let’s broadcast OB’s address here.

This week there were signs that the economy’s job losses have slowed and temp help and worker’s hours have increased. According to the people that dig into numbers, those are indications that, where help is needed, permanent/new hiring soon follows. No sense in assuming when real jobs are needed, next Tuesday, President Obama will deliver a speech to announce a plan to ‘jump-start’ hiring across America.

Enough of me.. here’s President Obama’s Weekly Address