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Alicia Keys in Egyptian garb on Speechless cover

New Music: Alicia Keys feat. Eve “Speechless”

This day not only marks the day of New York City’s Snowpocalypse of 2010, it’s also Monster Monday. In honor of that momentous occasion, Swizz Beatz released a song by Alicia Keys and Eve called “Speechless.” If you don’t find the Egyptian inspired artwork interesting, how about that combination: Alicia Keys and Eve. Is this an appetizer for things to come in 2011?

Slow down, there’s not any official new Alicia Keys material on the way, in her words, “Speechless is a little freestyle treat 4 the holidays. It’s not a new album, not a single its something special 4 U!”

Well, here you go. Have at it.

Alicia Keys feat. Eve “Speechless”

Download - Alicia Keys feat. Eve “Speechless”

Lenny Kravitz in a hotel room on his iphone, wearing a black hoodie

Lenny Kravitz Thanks Teena Marie for Taking him in when he was a Teenager

By now you’ve heard that Teena Marie passed away on Sunday. Across the web, particularly Facebook and Twitter, people have expressed thoughts of remembrance and well wishes that come along when a person who’s touched their life in some small or big way leaves this life. This morning, Lenny Kravitz posted a video to do the same.

Recorded from a hotel room in Paris, Lenny Kravitz has on a black hoodie and is talking in a very somber tone.

I’ll be honest, at first glance, I thought, why is he taking her passing THIS hard. You know how some people overly dramatize things? Thirty seconds later it became clear. Apparently Lenny Kravitz had a very close relationship with Teena Marie; one that he says he has never really talked about. When he was a teenager/struggling musician, Teena Marie gave him a place to stay, gave him instruments to practice with, and took him to recording sessions and concerts. He said if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t be who he is today.

Lenny Kravitz had not talked to her in a couple of years, and here he is waking up to find out that Teena Marie is gone forever.

Watch/listen, this is from the heart.

The Obamas celebrating the Holidays at the White House, early December

Holidays at the White House: Michelle Obama Tracks Santa

As we speak, the Obamas are in Hawaii for the holidays. However, early on Christmas Eve, Michelle Obama spent some time to answer phone calls from kids asking the question of the day: Where is Santa? The phone calls were part of the NORAD “Tracks Santa” program. “Track Santa” began in 1955 after kids in Colorado Springs, saw a Sears ad in the newspaper that invited kids to call Santa, with the wording, “Hey, Kiddies! Call me direct.. Just dial.. “

Only problem, the number was misprinted. It actually sent their calls to the desk of Colonel Harry Shoup at NORAD. The colonel played along and had his staff give kids continuous updates about Santa’s whereabouts.

Those updates are happening right now. In a few hours, he should be back at the North Pole.

Michelle Obama reading holiday stories to kids at the White House

Meanwhile at the White House.. Each year a holiday theme is selected. This year, The Obamas decided on Simple Gifts, which is “a celebration of friends and family, heart and home, and the simple things that bring joy at Christmas.”

In the video below, Michelle Obama explains further.

“The greatest blessings of all are the ones that don’t cost a thing. The time that we spend with our loved ones. The freedoms we enjoy as Americans and the joy we feel from reaching out to those in need. So we wish you guys a happy and healthy holiday season. Looking around, you can tell why this is one of my favorite times of the year.”

There’s more to see at Holidays at the White House

Merry Christmas!

DJ Drama Teairra Mari The Night Before X-Mas mixtape cover

New Music: Teairra Mari “The Night Before X-Mas” [mixtape]!

What did you get, hope to, or will get for Christmas? That’s an offbeat question. After all, this holiday is all about giving.
Teairra Mari is all up in the holiday spirit, she went in the studio with DJ Drama to whip up a new mixtape called “The Night Before X-Mas.”

There’s still a half-hour left for that title to make sense. Unwrap and enjoy.

Teairra Mari “The Night Before X-Mas”