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Kanye West freestyling on table at Facebook in Cafe 6

Kanye West Freestyling: Good Ass Job at Facebook Headquarters

This afternoon, Kanye West showed up at Facebook’s headquarters, in Palo Alto, California, and took a few minutes to give the people who keep your friends, and the friends of your friends, friends, connected, acappella verses from songs off his new album, Good Ass Job.

Let’s assume Kanye’s suit is part of the look he’s going for this time around: good ass suit, good ass job, not confirmed, but it makes sense. He performed four songs: “Mama’s Boyfriend,” “Lost in the World,” “Chain Heavy,” and Sweat on My Face.”

Here’s “Mama’s Boyfriend”

A whole lot of people will relate to that..

Then let’s go,  “My chain heavy, my chain too heavy, my chain heavy ...  ” Nope, he’s not talking about jewelry.

Give it a minute, Kanye doesn’t really flow until the 2 minute mark.

Good Ass Job is going to be massive.

Thank, Miss Info, bautista 3000 and MRU2010 for the clips, recorded in Cafe 6.

Christina Milian hand on hips in a blue body suit.

Christina Milian: I Was Divorced and Cheated on While Pregnant

This February, Christina Milian gave birth to her daughter, Violet. She was recently spotted in a park working off the weight she gained during the pregnancy. I should say worked it off - past tense. Clearly, there isn’t an ounce that isn’t in the right places. Makes you wonder what The-Dream was thinking when he divorced her.

Oh yeah, it’s back to that story. Last week, Christina Milian filed papers in a Georgia court asking that a judge throw out their divorce papers.

Christina Milian and friend in a park working out.

In a reverse spin of The-Dream’s claim that their marriage quietly ended just six months after the ceremony, Christina Milian says their bond wasn’t irretrievably broken. Actually, the recent discovery of The-Dream’s relationship with another woman revealed that he was having an affair - that’s what deaded the marriage.

I hear that and think, cha-ching, ‘someone wants a couple of checks.’ Could be. You know what? Within reason, I don’t blame her. In the papers filed with the court, Christina Milian says that she waived any alimony rights. However, she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to make the decision, because it was nine days before she gave birth.

Christina Milian jogging in a park.

Think about that. The-Dream handing a pen and divorce papers to Christina, while she’s sitting there with a bulging belly, on the verge of popping out their kid. Even if their problems were sparked by Christina going Keke Wyatt on him, you would think he could wait until - at minimum - her water had broken. That’s a dirt bag move.

And again I ask, what was The-Dream thinking when he divorced her?

Maybe, during the course of a day, Christina Milian is a complete pain the ass - extra annoying. I think it’s simpler than that: The-Dream is going Stevie, you know, blind.

Evidence has revealed there is nothing that couldn’t have been worked out between them.

I give you..

Christina Milian jogging in a park.

Exhibit A

Christina Milian jogging in a park.


Christina Milian jogging in a park.

and.. see!

Keri Hilson wearing shredded white jeans and boots in Rockefeller Center

Keri Hilson Talks Avon and New Album on The Today Show

Hey, look, it’s Keri Hilson in NYC’s Rockefeller Center. I’m not sure why she’s wearing boots, with this lavalike weather we’re in the midst of, but shredded pants are in style. It’s funny that I’m trying to pull a fashion card. Keri Hilson has just been tapped as Avon’s latest spokeswoman. On Wednesday, she visited The Today Show to talk about the new gig.

Avon. Why’d you do it Keri?

“I just didn’t want to do any and every endorsement that came my way. For me they represent the every day woman. I do music for the same reason: I want to break age boundaries and color boundaries. I feel Avon really does that. It’s also empowering. It allows five million representatives (‘Avon ladies’) the means to make a living. I thought that was great. It’s a perfect partnership”

Keri also talked about her new album. No title yet, but it’s going to be easy to finish.

“It was a blessing that the first album was received so well. This time around there really are no nerves. Everyone’s talking about the sophomore curse, but I don’t feel that. I do what I do and then after that it’s out of my hands.”

Word is a teaser single, featuring Lil Kim, will be out next month.

Here’s the interview.

You can pack a lot into three and a half minutes.

Lebron James in a striped purple shirt set for The Decision

LeBron James: the King Gave up his Crown

What’s left to be said about LeBron James that hasn’t been said? The past few days, I’ve been posting my thoughts and reactions @whudat but I’ll summarize: King James gave up his crown. Last night’s one hour special confirmed that LeBron James is not made of the same competitive stuff that fueled Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and certainly not, Kobe Bryant. It ended that debate. Who is currently the best NBA player in basketball? It’s Kobe Bryant. It’s also his crown; LeBron needs to to ship that Fed Ex, asap.

The Evolutionary Process

There is a reason why only a few franchises have consistently won championships; it’s hard work. To win a the highest levels, the focus and intensity it takes for a player to lead his team to that fantasized destination, is a long hard slog.  Yes, LeBron James gave seven years of his basketball life to the Cavaliers to no avail. But Michael Jordan, his supposed idol, had the same kind of dissapointments. While Jordan was busy racking up MVPs and scoring titles, for three consecutive years, during the playoffs, the Chicago Bulls were kicked and shoved around by the Detroit Pistons. It wasn’t until their core players got better, that the team figured out how to beat them. It was all highlight reels and trophies, from then on.

Becoming a champion isn’t an overnight thing. it’s an evolutionary process. One that, LeBron James decided he wants no part of.

I’m Not Surprised

As the free agency period began, I talked with a fellow NY Knicks fan. He was excited about LeBron James possibly becoming a New Yorker. At that time, Chicago was being talked up as his destination.  NY nor Miami were in the picture.  I tried to temper his enthusiasm, saying not to discount the Miami Heat. During last year’s All Star game, the joy and dynamics of a Lebron James/Dwyane Wade combo was on full display. Lebron James would be more than happy to suit up in Florida to create an unbeatable Super Friends tandum.

And So It Will Be

What will not, is any number of championships that emerge from this Super Friends combination, placing LeBron James in the same breath of the legends he idolizes. There will be an asterik after every ring *teamed up with Dwayne Wade* What’s the big deal? The top three players in the game today are: Kobe Bryant, LeBron james and Dwayne Wade.

Great players want to beat great players, not team up with them. That’s what fuels them. It’s proving yourself against the best competition.
Charles Barkley explained it best.

So did Reggie Miller.

You say, for all that fire, Barkley and Miller don’t have rings?

Kevin Mchale has three, he felt the same way.

Obviously, LeBron James is free to do what he wants, in reputation, he’s paying the price for it; but we are guaranteed another entertaining NBA season.

I just want two things:

LeBron James to stop calling himself the King; he hasn’t earned it.

For self respect’s sake, stop wearing that NY Yankee hat.

Lebron James wearing a NY Yankees hat

LeBron James Wears a NY Yankees Hat to Nike Basketball Camp

LeBron James says he won’t make his free agency decision until Thursday. That’s the day after his Nike Skills Academy basketball camp in Akron, Ohio concludes. LeBron James was supposed to attend the camp on Tuesday, but ESPN is reporting that he made a surprise appearance this afternoon, wearing,  get this, a NY Yankees cap and a white t-shirt! *Note* That is NOT the picture from this afternoon’s camp.

But it was captured in the quick blur of this video..

Lebron James wearing a NY Yankees hat

LeBron works out at Akron camp

During this circus, LeBron can’t be so clueless to believe he can pass off a NY Yankees cap as a fashion statement or a celebration of his favorite baseball team.

Lebron James wearing a NY Yankees hat

Either LeBron James really wants to play with NYC’s emotions or he is - excuse the cheese - tipping his hat toward the team he will be selecting.

There is a stray rumor on a NY Knicks reporter’s Twitter that LeBron’s business partner, Maverick Carter, will meet with the Knicks on Wednesday.

Lebron James Twitter rumor

That’s the day before LeBron James announces his decision. Now that hasn’t been ‘reported’ anywhere else, but again, today we have LeBron James wearing a NY Yankees cap, so just maybe, there is some validity to it.

Countdown to confirmation? 3 days.

Jada Pinkett-Smith on The George Lopez Show

Jada Pinkett-Smith Explains Willow’s Hair: She Wanted Grandma’s Look

These past few weeks, Jada Pinkett-Smith has been on the media/talk show circuit in support of Jaden and The Karate Kid. On Monday, she was on The George Lopez Show. They talked about Jaden’s acting and how she protected him on the set of The Karate Kid. Willow’s mohawk was a part of the conversation too. On an earlier David Letterman appearance, Jada simply said Willow’s hair was completely her thing. Explaining that she and Will allow Willow to be a free spirit. With George Lopez, Jada got into it a little more. If you thought Willow was channelling Rihanna, or by chance, Janelle Monae, you’d be wrong. Jada said Willow’s inspiraton was .. her grandmother.

“I’m lucky that’s all she shaved, because my mother’s hair is that length (short) and of course, I had my hair that length when I was pregnant with Jaden, and it was blond. So she decided, ‘I want my hair like my grandmother’s.’ I said, ‘Willow, grandma has no hair.’ I said, ‘you have to have some hair.’ So she said, ‘Mom, I’m really tired of the hair. I just really feel I’d like it to get in the pool. I want it to swim. I just don’t want to be bothered with the hair.’ So we got permission from Will to finally just let her shave her sides.”

She also talked about Willow’s as yet untitled, or produced, but sure to be, album.

Jada Pinkett-Smith on The George Lopez Show

“Let me tell you, she’s 9 years old. I don’t know where that voice came from. She sings like she’s a grown woman. Like she’s been around. I’m like, ‘where does all that experience in your voice come from?’ I have no idea, but she’s something. Music is her thing.”

Lastly, Jada talked about her Essence cover, as you may know, it is subtitled, “Why I did this for my daughter.” Jada talked about her snap decision to go nude for the photoshoot and then showing it to Will and later to Willow.

Willow’s opinion?

Jada Pinkett-Smith on The George Lopez Show

“Mom, you look so elegant.”

I’ve said enough. Get you some.