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Joseline Hernandez poses in a silver skirt and yellow blouse

Love and Hip-Hop ATL: The Reunion Before the Reunion Show

Last night as we were watching Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta, Joseline tweeted this picture of herself and mentioned that she was in New York. Turns out that Joseline was in New York for a mid-season Q&A session for online media folks. Mona Scott introduced and answered questions, to start it off, but then out came Joseline, Stevie J., K. Michelle, and Scrappy.
It felt like the reunion before the reunion show. And if Stevie J’s slip-up was right, technically, that’s what it was. He said VH1 is taping the reunion show today.

As in, it’s probably done as we speak.

After the first show, I said Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. were the stars of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. Without Joseline’s looks, her accent, the WTF moments and the overall misadventures of Stevie J., the show would be molasses. Not that the other cast members don’t add anything, because it’s the combination that makes it entertaining, but from the first five minutes those two had everyone talking.

Making my case, when the mic was opened up for questions, it was: “My question is for…  Joseline, Stevie J., Joseline, Joseline, Stevie J., and more Joseline.” People were looking to take jabs, but that’s evidence of their importance to the show.

K. Michelle says her piece, as always, and fulfills an acappella by request. The girl can sang. When Scrappy was asked what he’s getting out of being on the show, he kept it honest.. ” A check.. Ya dig!?”

Good stuff.

Brandy in a nice pair of red and black pants on The Skorpion Show

Brandy on The Skorpion Show: 211 is a Brand New Flavor

In case you missed it, Brandy was recently a guest on The Skorpion Show (video posted yesterday.) She talked about her new album being reflective of who she is today: more experienced in life and reflective about who, where and what things mean. It has given her a new energy. So on her new album, she didn’t want to hold anything back.

“I’m just at the point in my life where I want to take chances. I just don’t want to be safe. So this album is just not safe. I’m talking sexy, we do have the ballads, but the lyrics are little bit riskier and edgier than anything I’ve done in the past. It’s just a different kind of flavor to this album.”

Brandy’s feeling very positive about the work she’s doing. The new album 211 will be released on October 2.

They talked about “Put it Down” feat. Chris Brown — the only collabo on the album); wanting to work with Michael Jackson, you know, back when he was still moonwalking; not wanting to do any more reality TV shows; American Idol and Whitney Houston’s voice being crafted, perfectly by God.

The big takeaway? If you ever happen to meet Brandy, do not call her Moesha. Makael made the mistake of saying, “We will always remember you as Moesha.” Brandy jumped out of her seat. As she sees it, Moesha was just a character that she played on TV — there was music and success before that.

Brandy doesn’t realize a lot of kids grew up, knowing her as.. Moesha. Makael broke it down to her. That’s @ 9:00.

Patricia Legarreta and Jarell Brooks, sit down for interview with ABC news

Jarell Brooks Speaks: Saved a Mother and her Two Kids in Theater Shooting

On Saturday, while watching coverage of the Colorado movie theater shooting and the focus began to turn toward the survivors of the incident, a standout was an Ann Curry interview with a guy and his girlfriend, who was holding a baby. The guy was talking about surviving the incident, he started to cry and said he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he had just proposed to his girlfriend.

Not sure if I missed details there, but later in a Piers Morgan interview some wtf flags were raised. This guy, Jamie Rohrs, may have survived because he left his girlfriend Patricia, his infant son and four-year-old daughter in the theater, to save is own life.

Jamie Rohrs (that guy in the hat) ran for his life

As he tells it, he saw his son on the floor, thought he should pick him up, but decided the shooter was coming his way, so he high-tailed it out of the theater.

He didn’t just move to a safer position. He ran out into the parking lot, got in his car and drove across to a mall where he decided he was safe and could now call 9/11. He also called his girlfriend to see if she was still alive.

This was a jaw dropping story to me, and others.. because there are numerous accounts of boyfriends who unfortunately died while trying to save their girlfriends. Meanwhile this guy screams, ‘save myself’; knowingly leaving his girlfriend and kids in the shooter’s line of fire.

No one can be certain what they would do in a situation like that, but I can honestly say I would never do that. Jamie’s thought process was, again, in his words, “What if my son lives and I die? Then he will grow up as an orphan.”

C’mon son.

Enter, Jarell Brooks..

Luckily the story ends well, not because of Jamie’s proposal, but because of 19-year-old, Jarell Brooks. He saw Patricia holding her son and helped guide them to safety; all while the shooter was still on his delusional rampage.

They both were shot/grazed on their legs, but due to his heroics, the four of them got out alive. Through most of the coverage of this story, Jarell Brooks has only been known as, ‘the young man who helped me,’ but thankfully, ABC linked Patricia Legarreta with Jarell, who she openly says, saved her life.

Not sure if Jarell meant to shame her boyfriend, but when asked how it feels to be heralded as a hero, Jarell said..

I just feel like I was doing what was the best intentions in the situation. I don’t neccesarily consider myself a hero. I just feel like there was someone who was in distress, and I’m not the kind of person who would let them be in that situation and me selfishly try to get myself out of the equation. Knowing that there’s someone with two kids, all she’s trying to do is protect her kids. So I felt like if I could get her out, maybe I would have got out or maybe I wouldn’t, but as long as I know that she was ok, I was alright.

You’re a hero, dude. God bless.