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Diddy and the twins in the park

Flickerazzi: Diddy and the Twins Have Fun in the Park

Diddy took advantage of the great weather in NYC by taking D’Lila and Jessie out for some fun in the park. I’d make a crude joke about this seeming to be his new place to take the youngins, but that’s not needed. No matter who he’s with, at least he’s a good father to his kids.

Diddy and the twins in the park

Diddy and the twins in the park

Diddy and the twins in the park

Diddy and the twins in the park

Diddy and the twins in the park

I can’t wait to see how spoiled these babies are gonna be in ten, twelve years. Without a doubt, there will be a VH1 reality show to track it all. By then, the Simmons sisters are gonna be pushin 30+.. yup, time flies.

Amanda Diva TV - BET's Female Rap Nominees

Amanda Diva TV: What’s up with BET’s Female Rap Nominees?

Another Friday, another episode of Amanda Diva TV. In this episode Amanda touches on Hello Kitty, NY Governor David Paterson pardoning Slick Rick, and gets at her blog critics. The hook is her take on this year’s BET female hip-hop artist nominees..

Trina “Still Da Baddest”

Lil Mama “Voice of the Young People”

Kid Sister ”“

Eve ”“

Missy Elliot ”“




Kanye West - Flashing Lights 3

Kanye West Leaks “Flashing Lights” V.3: Addams Family Values

Earlier this week Kanye West leaked a second version of “Flashing Lights.” Turns out, Kanye has a lot of twisted cinematics in his head. Yesterday he leaked a third version. No deserted highways or big booty, shovel wielding stripper chicks in this - or orange juice sipping models - this time he’s going Barry Sonnenfeld on you.

Kanye West Flashing Lights video - soup sipping

Descripted by Stereogum

Kanye was like “Imagine if Addams Family Values was actually a horror movie” and the director was like “I couldn’t possibly question your vision.” Kanye West was like “I want a video that’s a combination of The Others, something the Smashing Pumpkins would have been into in 1999 after they fell apart, and a commercial for the most disgusting soup,” and the director was like “The soup is a vampire.” Kanye West was like, “How bad of a video can we make?” and the director was like “you have no idea.”

Has there ever been an official “Flashing Lights” video?

Kanye West - “Flashing Lights” V.3

That is way to HQ to be snack food.

Hey.. might as well post the second version too. Get them while you can. I hear they’re being chased off the net.

Kanye West - “Flashing Lights” V.2


Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’ Day Spreads Solo in J’Adore Magazine

Love the word play? Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’ Day is the cover girl for this month’s J’Adore magazine. I’ll pause to acknowledge that I’ve never flipped a page of or even heard of J’Adore. I absolutely hate when these kinds of posts are tacked around the web saying *so and so* was in *insert obscure magazine title here* as if we’re all big fans of it. That said,  I understand: it’s all about the pics and these are fantastic.

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Aubrey O'Day J'Adore magazine

Is Aubrey the Danity Kane girl most likely to succeed as a solo artist?

That split always happens at some point.

Halle Berry sporting her Obama t-shirt

Stylish in L.A. > Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, Meagan Good + Christina Milian

Here is a candid of Halle Berry out and about in L.A. Clearly we can all see which political candidate she is in favor of. Her Obama shirt is very cute.

Halle Berry sporting her Obama shirt

Halle Berry looks stylish even when she is dressed down.

Jennifer please stop wearing leggings.

The dream girl seems like she can’t get enough of leggings. Last month we posted Jennifer Hudson wearing gray leggings at LAX. The yellow tunic she is wearing looks good on her, but her stylist or someone else in her camp needs to keep it real, and let her know that the leggings are not a good look for her.

Last night Meagan Good was seen leaving Coco De Ville in L.A.

Meagan Good looking tired and odd

She looks very odd in this outfit. I don’t know if she thinks she is being casually chic, or if she just doesn’t care. Either way she needs to get it together.

On Wednesday, Christina Milian was spotted leaving Madeo in Los Angeles. Not a fan of the top, but I do like the off the shoulder detail.

Christina Milian looking cute and sexy at Madeo

Her shoes are the standout item on her. They are so cute, and sexy.
I do think she could’ve added a splash of color to this look, perhaps with a colored clutch, or belt.

- posted by Stylish1 via Seventh Square