Nov 06 2008
Diddy celebrates his 39th Birthday party at Mansion in NYC

Diddy Celebrates his 39th Birthday at Mansion ☼!☼

Election day marked the 39th year that Sean Combs’ God-like genius has blessed this earth. The humble man that he is, S. Combs gave Barack Obama the spotlight and put off his birthday celebration until last night at Mansion in New York City. You see the clear stuff in the cup. Just call him Ciroc Obama! ← his words, not mine.

Cassie at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Does that make Cassie, the First Lady of Ciroc?

Keyshia Cole at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

As great as Keyshia Cole looks, you have to wonder how much better she’d look minus that huge tattoo.

Rocsi at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Have Rocsi and Lisa Raye bumped heads since that whole man stealing thing?

Mary J Blige and Ben Stiller at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Ben Stiller looking for.. Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy Combs

Neyo at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Ne-Yo and some Puerto-Rican chick. I bet you he wipes that off as soon she steps away.

Diddy and Dallas Austin at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Raise your hand if you’ve been watching Real Housewives of Atlanta, doesn’t Dallas Austin suddenly look relevant again?

Ice-T and Coco at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

Everytime I come in here.. you two.

Diddy and Jay-Z at Diddy's 39th Birthday party

And these two. Last men standing from New York hip-hop’s flashy age.


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1 Gracie Wed, Dec 03, 2008 - 4:45 pm

i saw a pic of lil kim in hip hop weekly magazine….whos dress was she wearing?!?!?!?!

2 Zakaria Tue, Oct 23, 2012 - 2:00 pm

that’s sooooo wrong for the group to part like that it made it worse when ya’ll did with a letetr instead of talking to quawnell to his face about it i love day 26 i followed ya’ll since making the band4 came out i was proud and glad that it was you five that got pick i support ya’ll in everything but its not going to be the same with out ya boy que and ya’ll know that i think ya’ll should work it out because there is no replacing the one and only the original day 26.its going to be hard trying to learn a new face that was once not there before and personally i think nothing is stronger than the bond you guys had for each other ya’ll grown to love each as brother’s and yeah ya’ll gonna fight and yeah you gonna always have that one little brother that works your nerves but that’s what its all about (family) it’s going to be hard but it’s all a test to see if you can handle what’s being thrown at you and i know i might be late to this info but i just want ALL OF DAY26 to that ya’ll need to stick together and work things out i think its for the best..don’t give up on que he didn’t give up on ya’ll no matter what i hope when ya’ll see this comment ya’ll will try to work things out i LOVE ALl YA’LL (WILL,ROBERT,BRYAN,MIKE,AND QUAWNELL) im one of your BIGGEST FANS and it hurts my heart that ya’ll put ya’ll group on hold because of a mistake or a misunderstanding i cryed when i heard about this i love day26 just how it is and so dose everybody else so PLEASE DON’T CHANGE OR BREAK UP YOU WILL BE HURTING ALOT OF YOU FANS im praying for ya’ll and i hope everything works out.FROM ONE OF YOUR BIGGEST FANS,Ti’erra C. Stoglinmuch love<3 .