May 05 2008
Ghostface Repping Iron Man since day one

Ghostface’s Deleted Iron Man Scene: He Was a Tycoon

Iron Man crushed the box office this weekend. $100 mil in three days, that’s a nice little pay day. Robert Downey Jr. gave a swagger to his superhero that I didn’t see in Batman or Spider Man. Once he customized the suit with supersonic jet propulsion and dipped it in Fast and Furious colors, it was over. Will Smith has some work ahead of him.

Who knew Jon Favreau, Swingers guy could direct big budget joints?

There are a bunch of scenes that got cut; one of them belonged to the other Tony Starks - Ghostface. He has repped Iron Man for six albums. This was his chance to take it to a higher level - even if it was a thirty second thing.

Ghost talked to MTV about the scene, last year.

“I jumped in there for maybe 12 or 16 bars, nothing too major. It was a good look for the kid because Robert Downey Jr. recognized me as soon as I seen him. He was like, ‘Yo, Tony!’ ... For him to recognize me, I was kinda surprised by that. I didn’t know he even knew about the kid. ... We called each other Tony on screen. I’m like, ‘Tony Stark, I got your jet, I didn’t mess it up.’ He was like, ‘I got the Bentley for you, I laced it up.’ I had two girls with me, I was like, ‘That’s you [pointing toward the girls].’ I sent two birds at him. It was a wrap for that scene. He’s a cool dude and funny. Big up to Robert Downey Jr.”

Hah. Umm. It’s funny to read that and then the slangless translation.
Using an Iron Man novelization the 4th Letter comic book site dug up Ghostface’s deleted scene.

Robert Downey Jr. perfects his suit in Iron Man

Here is the biggest change in the movie. An entire chunk of it was changed over, most likely due to the Air Force’s say so. It starts with the part where Tony starts using his repulsors on everything in his workshop while in a rage over the Ten Rings’ shenanigans.

Pepper comes in, obviously mad at being stood up at the party, but Tony pays that no mind. He tells her to throw a party and his beach house ASAP. Pepper devolves back into assistant mode and prepares it, though confused at his actions.

This party is where the Ghostface Killa cameo was meant to happen. Ghostface Killa plays a tycoon who meets Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and says, “Tony, you never said – what’s the big occasion?”

Tony: “Ever known me to need one?”

Ghostface Killa laughs it off and Tony moves on.

He gets together with a couple of drunk women and brings them to his room. He tells them to get started without him and sneaks off with his briefcase. He unpacks the armor and flies off, all while the guests are distracted by a fireworks display.
With the sweat over Iron Man‘s debut week numbers wiped away, maybe Ghostface will get his two-line shine in Iron Man 2 or 3. They’re both on a microwave schedule: ready as soon as possible.

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