Sep 19 2008
Jada Pinkett - 37 is the new 27

Jada Pinkett: Happy Belated 37th Birthday

Can you believe Jada Pinkett is 37 years old young? Considering that she’s been in the mix with everyone from Tupac to Cosby, that shouldn’t be a surprise, but it still seems strange pasting age to face. Jada celebrated her triple-seven birthday yesterday. In honor of the big day, the NY Post linked up some loose video footage from a recent interview for The Women.

Jada talks about using some stiletto sexy to get her way on the set.

Laughing big and loud, willing and ready to say any left-hand thing, Will has rubbed off on her. Wait.. that didn’t sound right.

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1 shaheem hendrix Tue, Oct 05, 2010 - 4:54 pm

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