Jun 02 2009
Jay-Z and Eminem perform at DJ Hero launch concert

Jay-Z and Eminem Take the Stage @ DJ Hero Concert

Last night, celebs and those orbiting their stars, were on hand at The Wiltern in Los Angeles for the launch of DJ Hero. Anyone that had difficulty doing the whole pretending to be a rock star thing, can now simulate the skills of DMC Champs like The X-Ecutioners, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, or DJ Octo Arms. ← That’s a made up name, but aspiring turntabalists feel free to thief.

Of course a video game plastered on a 50 foot screen isn’t enough to fill a building, Jay-Z was the featured entertainment for the night. Backed by The Roc Boys - his live band - Jay-Z had the place goin’ banana split as he blasted through his hit-filled repertoire, “99 Problems,” “Can I Live” “Jigga What,” “Public Service Announcement”, his verse from “Swagga Like Us”, and a medley of crowd pleasers, “Blue Magic,” “My President Is Black,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” and a rock remix of “Encore.”

That’s more than enough for one night, but Jay gave a little something extra by bringing out Eminem to perform “Renegade.”
MTV’s got you with the rest

I’m not sure if the concert was open to the public, because there were a bunch of familiar faces walking the - I’m in the house - carpet. That usually means it’s an VIP/invitation only affair.

Tyrese at Dj Hero launch concert

Tyrese looked relaxed, continuing to love life..

Taraji P. Henson at Dj Hero launch concert

Taraji P. Henson with a new doo and black leather pants. It might be the colors but I can’t help thinking pixie. 

Danai Ramirez at Dj Hero launch concert

Dania Ramirez with what looks like a bag?.. jacket? .. cheerleader pom poms ..

Aisha Tyler at Dj Hero launch concert

Aisha Tyler wore some..

Aisha Tyler's shoes at Dj Hero launch concert

funky little shoes. ← that’s a good thing. Check Aisha’s office space musings in one of my favorite posts, “The Ballad of Yogurt Girl”

Kim Kardashian at Dj Hero launch concert

Is it me or is Kim Kardashian no longer hot blog topic? She might like it that way..

Baron Davis at Dj Hero launch concert

Baron Davis showed up with an unidentified guest. The Clippers have the number one pick in this year’s draft, he has a reason to smile. Which reminds me: Go Lakers!

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