Aug 16 2007

Ledisi Lost and Found and Discovered for the First Time

Oakland, California is home to a singer named Ledisi.

On August 28th she’s set to release her third album “Lost and Found.” Yup, three albums deep and not a peek of the Billboard charts; but it’s not for a lack of talent. Navigating the music industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Questioning the sense of her journey a third Ledisi album almost didn’t get made.

Here’s Ledisi talking about the new album.

She then talked about her first single “Alright.”

As evidenced by her breaking into song mid-description, measly things such as words can’t explain why you need to find this CD.

It only takes one listen, not only to be floored by her voice and smooth sound, but to wonder why she’s been lost for so long.

☼ What's Your Opinion? ☼

1 CVD Sat, Aug 25, 2007 - 6:07 pm

Thanks for posting this I used to support her shows when i was in the bay. She doesn’t really need billboard, of course it wouldn’t hurt but she is building her career the old fashion way so she won’t end up as yesterdays trash when she’s older. I admire that.

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