May 18 2009
Darienne Page, President Obama's receptionist

Meet Barack Obama’s Receptionist: Darienne Page

If you look around the room during President Obama’s White House meetings, you will see a few fresh, young faces. One that’s front and center every morning is Darienne Page, President Obama’s receptionist.

At 27 years old, she’s already a military veteran. After high school, Darienne joined the Army, sort of a family tradition. She worked as a paralegal in Iraq, taking depositions at the infamous Abu Gharib prison. Lucky for her, she wasn’t involved in any of the back room shenanigans.

Darienne made it back home in time to stumble upon Barack Obama’s then fledgling campaign. One night during 2007 she and a group of friends were having dinner in Chicago restaurant and saw a man with a “Veterans for Obama” t-shirt. A conversation began. Hey, she’s a vet too. She asked him about the campaign and a few months later volunteered to work in Barack Obama’s operations department.

Impressed with her work, when the time came, Barack Obama brought Darienne along for the trip to the White House. He calls her ROTUS. An awkward way of saying: Receptionist of the United States. What is her day like? The NY Times has the particulars..

“She is on hand to greet nearly every official visitor who has an appointment with the president or his top advisers. She oversees the front of the house at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, serving coffee to former Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain, making small talk with a delegation from Kazakhstan and trying to chew a mouthful of almonds quickly before saying hello to Tiger Woods as he stands at her desk.”

Speaking about that meeting with Tiger Woods, Darienne said..

“I tried not to be very star-struck. I’m usually not, but I was caught completely off guard. All of the people that come in, I think, are humbled by the office, so they are all very nice.”

Question: How much do you think a White House receptionist makes?

$52k.. $45k.. Try $36,000.

I’m guessing her bump the fist closeness with the prez and other high profile contacts she’ll make during his term(s) will pay off in dollars and cents in the coming years.

Check the audio/pic flip book at - “Receptionist of the United States”

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1 Tue, May 19, 2009 - 8:13 pm

Great choice Obama!!!

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I concur…..