Apr 21 2009
Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier at Tyson premiere

Mike Tyson and Friends Catch a Rainy Day Premiere in NYC

Last night it was wild and wet in the NYC area. That didn’t put a damper on a couple of VIP events around town. One of them was the big screen premiere of Mike Tyson’s life. The documentary, Tyson, is a mix of archived footage and interviews that show everything from the Cus D’Amato days, his reign of terror in the ring, Robin Givens is mentioned, sprinkle in some ear biting and it ends with the man you see today.

Mike Tyson speaks on a lot of issues himself and the film has received good reviews, but Steve Lott, a ‘boxing insider’, says the amount of lies Mike Tyson told was Pinocchio worthy.

“Mike’s lies and fabrications shocked me. Especially when he called Jacobs and Cayton ‘Slave Masters.’ I have seen the documentary and it is obvious that Mike continues to surround himself with people interested only in their own good.”

Only if you’re interested - Steve Lott Speaks and on IMDB

Back in NYC, Mike brought the fam to the big show. *Scroll up* It’s Smokin Joe Frazier + Mike holding his daughter like a sack of potatoes.

Mike Tyson and his two daughters Rayna and ?.. at Tyson premiere

Daughter? Yup, that’s his 13-year-old daughter Rayna and his newest baby girl .. who got 90% of his genes.

Dame Dash at Tyson premiere

Since we’re talking former glorious fighters ↔ Dame Dash made a showing.

Nick Cannon at Tyson premiere

Nick Cannon sans Mariah

Rosie Perez at Tyson premiere

Rosie Perez.. Who I want to claim, hasn’t done a thing in ever, but pop in Pineapple Express, her demise is hilarious.

Christopher Walken at Tyson premiere

Christoper Walken looking wacky without a makeup artist.

Adam Yauch at Tyson premiere

There’s that rain.. MCA (Adam Yauch) via The Beastie Boys, also known as Def Jam’s second artist (1984)

Anthony Anderson at Tyson premiere

Anthony Anderson..

Coco at Tyson premiere

and nothing’s gonna stop Ice-T and CoCo from finding the cameras (Ice-T got cropped)

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1 Miss Jackson Tue, Apr 21, 2009 - 4:17 pm

What a beautiful baby girl!!!!!!!!!!
She’s adorable…

2 Bennyboy Tue, Apr 21, 2009 - 10:16 pm

Lets hope he doesnt eat the baby! oh no

3 Miss Jackson Thu, Apr 30, 2009 - 3:52 pm

LOL @ Bennyboy!!!!!!
Hopefully not

4 me Mon, Jun 01, 2009 - 1:57 am

that effing Coco. you can always see her toe.