Jun 18 2007
Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman: A Message From The Good Guy

Saw Knocked Up last week, a funny movie until the women started whining about..  umm, uh.. yeah. Their complaints were that important. All I remember is going from laughing to being annoyed.

The theater was packed and alive with eager fanboys and girls of the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Before the movie started there was a preview of Evan Almighty, Steve Carell’s next movie, and it looks like complete trash.

“Oh, look. He thinks he’s Moses and building an ark.”

Steve Carrell dancing with elephants

That’s .. not close to funny.. or original.

It’s the sequel to Bruce Almighty.

After the preview the theater was in stunned silence.

Quote from some guy sitting in the row behind me: “Wow. That looks bad.”

I groaned for another reason when Morgan Freeman flashed on screen, he’s back as the character of God. Once again, Morgan Freeman is the good guy, the all wise and kind, dishing wisdom of the ages.

Have you ever noticed that Morgan Freeman always plays the same character?

There’s a quote in Gumbo where Morgan Freeman admits he’s been typecast as the wise and nurturing older guy.

Is that a bad thing?

On June 1st, Morgan Freeman celebrated his 70th birthday. With age comes maturity and a new perspective on the way things revolve in this crazy world of ours. This week Newsweek gave Morgan Freeman a full page editorial to let loose with some of his divine wisdom. He addressed being that guy.. “I’m sometimes typecast to play father figures, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The people I admired when I was coming up in the business were typecast, too - Gary Cooper, Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Poitier.”

Oh, I should say, criticism aside, I like Morgan Freeman. While it would be nice to see him play a different kind of guy every now and then, it’s just great to see that he continues to work at all. After all, the man is 70-years-old and according to IMBD he has parts in seven upcoming major movies. Not too many actors have that kind of luxury, and let’s not even get into the black side of things.

Back to that divine wisdom.

Since that’s what he’s best at, you’ve got to give the article a peek.

Morgan Freeman has taken up golf to keep his blood flowing. Unknowingly the game of hitting a tiny ball around grassy fields also opened him up to analogies with that game called life..

“Golf marks a major turning point for me, because I felt like I needed a change. But I never expected golf to be its own religion, a kind of spiritual journey.”

“When you’re aiming at the golf ball, it’s the only thing in the universe of any importance. You’re totally alone on the green. Yet it’s not a lonely experience, because the game of golf is a journey that you take with your friends ...

The bigger point here is that golf is a good metaphor for one’s life ... It’s something you always have to work at; you don’t get perfect at golf. It’s the never-ending quest for betterment.”

- Morgan Freeman “Take Another Swing”

Click away.

It’s all him. Not an interview. Think of it as an email from God.

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