Oct 19 2012
Barack Obama at campaign event in Fairfax, Virginia

President Obama Diagnoses Mitt Romney with a Case of “Romnesia”

Confession: posts have been few and far apart this year. One consequence, other than mixing it up with you, I’ve missed talking at all about this year’s election. Don’t worry, it’s not a case of Romnesia. What’s that I said.. Romnesia? It’s a condition that President Obama diagnosed Mitt Romney with. President Obama doesn’t hold a medical degree, but the symptoms — Mitt Romney forgetting positions he held a month ago, a week, hey, even hours earlier — are readily apparent.

At a campaign even today in Fairfax, Virginia, President Obama laid out his case for this sickness and best of all, the hope for a cure, “Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions!”

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