Sep 04 2008
Barack Obama Sign in a supporters front yard

Sarah Palin Inspired Me to Switch Teams

It’s not an Obama/Biden 08’ sign but it works..

Eight months ago, I was a registered Republican, standing in a cold room in Iowa supporting Ron Paul in the Iowa caucuses. For most of my life, I’ve been a believer in small government and individual liberties, the ideals that, according to what I learned in high school civics, the Republican Party stood for. I voted Libertarian in 2004, simply because I felt that the Libertarian candidate seemed to best voice those ideals at the time.

As I stood in that cold caucus room, I listened to several people stand up and talk about their candidate. For the most part, instead of giving me compelling reasons to vote for that candidate, each stump speaker (aside from the bubbly young woman who spoke about Ron Paul) spent their time not talking up their own candidate, but hurling shovels of specific insults at the people in the Democratic caucus in an adjacent building. I didn’t learn much about Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney or John McCain, but I did hear a lot of talk about the negative character, poor experience, and profound ignorance of the primary Democratic candidates, Obama, Edwards, and Clinton.

Over the next several months, as the campaign season went along, I started actually opening my ears and listening to talk radio a bit.  Previously, I would just listen to music in my truck during my commute, but I started tuning into a pair of local talk radio stations, which aired programs by Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and the like.

And I was deeply disturbed. Instead of hearing compelling arguments for why John McCain was the right man for the job, I would hear three nonstop hours of insults levied toward Barack Obama, much of it not directly aimed towards him, but intended to serve as character assassination by association.

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1 NETTIE DETROIT Thu, Sep 04, 2008 - 5:19 pm

I CANNOT SEE VOTING FOR A PARTY THAT IS OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY AND THE WHOLE MCCAIN/PALIN PARTY IS JUST THAT…PALIN you need to be a mother, your daughter is holding hands with her boyfriend she is 17 yrs old. My God what is happening to our COUNTRY GOD help us all if they get in office. Your child is in crisis, pregnant at 17, to a young man who is looking like what is happening…and Palin is standing up talking about directing a country. And her daughter is 5 months pregnant and you are just now finding out, you were not paying attention. I know real things happen in the real world, but all I’m saying is
get your house in order first. Now you have a wedding to attend to, a teen about to have a baby that needs your help..McCain shows how much attention he is paying also.

2 Ike Sun, Sep 21, 2008 - 9:23 pm

If they win, pray McCain stays healthy. Dear Lord, I doublechecked to make sure I am registered in my town, I have to vote Democrat because this is really frightening.

3 Roland Sun, Sep 21, 2008 - 11:29 pm

That’s a very good way to put it FRIGHTENING!! Frightening that the republicans are trying to play games with the American people, frightening that there are some American people are actually starting to fall for this charade, frightening that this dingbat Palin could be just a heart attack away from the most important position in the world. McCain/Palin is just a freakin’ joke.

4 Keith Fri, Aug 06, 2010 - 4:55 pm

Now its 2 years later and you have buyers regret.