Nov 06 2008
Sarah Palin on a Harley

Sarah Palin Thought Africa Was a Country → Are You Qualified to be VP?

Look who wants to be fair and balanced now. Under the banner of, now that the election is over, FOX News is hinting that Sarah Palin wasn’t really qualified for that VP spot after all. For instance.. Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country. You know, like New York City is a state. That’s a joke.

Sarah Palin Thought Africa Was A Country

Sarah Palin is back in Alaska, but she can’t escape the press just yet.

Big Deal.. With Your Bitter, Unnamed Sources

In her defense, I’m sure there are one or two of you who would have given the same answer. Let’s play a game of .. Are you qualified to be VP of the United States. Enter your name and choose the continents game.

All 7/7’s should clear their schedules for 2012.

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1 terri Thu, Nov 06, 2008 - 6:59 pm

y’all believe this crap?  it’s so obvious they are railroading her.  and, well, actually as soon as they realized there was NO hope for mccain’s election, they got an early start.  it’s pathetic, and no one should have to deal with this type of negative press day in and day out.  i voted for obama, but seriously, let the poor girl go back to her state and do her job.

2 bud Thu, Nov 06, 2008 - 7:41 pm

Give her a break? No one put a gun to her head and said, “Hey, Sarah, you must run for vice president.” Did she know Africa was a continent? Who knows. Did she know what she was getting into when she accepted McCain’s invitation to be his lipsticked pit bull, attacking Omama viciously? You betcha!

3 Wow, how dumb is she Thu, Nov 06, 2008 - 8:07 pm

Give her a break!!? Are you kidding me??? She should have given the American people a break when she said yes to running for the VP when she knew she was as dumb as a hard d*ck. She deserves to be railroaded for thinking of herself instead of the country. There are jobs that you can take and be unqualified but VP is definitely one that you can’t and for her allowing the republicans to use her to try and get the female vote, by the way their plan backfired as we all know, when she knew that is what they were trying to do and going along with it, I say she gets everything that she deserves.

4 Sour Grapes Thu, Nov 06, 2008 - 9:22 pm

This is so funny because less than a week ago these were the same people who held her in the highest of esteem and tried to sell her to the American public as being more than qualified. I have no sympathy for Palin or any of these other lying manipulative ass holes. McCain’s campaign never focused on what was good for the country, only on what was good for him winning.

5 Jay Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 12:35 am

You know whats not so funny though? It’s that 45% percent of the American public could not see that she was a scam, a farce, and really too damn dumb to even really be a governor. It’s that 45% of Americans could not see that the republicans were outright manipulating them by nominating her. This is scary to see that in a crucial time in this country that 45% of Americans could not even think of what was best for the country but could only think about being republicans. How sad is that?

6 Johnson Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 1:38 am

Man, hell yeah I think that dumb ass lady thought Africa was a country. I’m suprised her idiotic ass didn’t think it was a city. I have to say I lost some, not all, respect for this country for allowing this farce to run on a ticket. Go home Palin and run your own country, oops, I mean state, into the ground.

7 d Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 10:26 am

i’m glad she ran, she part of the reason why it was a land slide, so congratulate her dumb ass

8 Above Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 8:58 pm

d, I agree, Palin is a huge part of the reason Obama kicked there asses but as an American citizen she should have said no to the nomination when asked. She knew how dumb her ass was when McCain asked her. She was selfish and now her stupidity is exposed.

9 MsMoni Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 9:10 pm

You know I have little sympathy for Mrs. Palin.  She definitely was unqualified for the position for which she was running.  The sad thing is the people who tried to sell her as being qualified now want to try and make her out to be the bad guy.  The truth is their little home experiment went terribly wrong and they are the ones at fault.  They could have said no to her being picked. However they are the ones who insulted the intelligence of the people and they paid the price. If they had thoroughly vetted her they may have uncovered her lack of knowledge.  This is what happens when you run to win instead of running to evoke real change.

10 REG Fri, Nov 07, 2008 - 9:18 pm

I have no sympathy for her at all. I think it was HER duty as an American to say no when they asked her. She selfishly thought only of herself when asked and now she is pying the price and deservedly so. This wasn’t like being unqualified to manage a Stop & Shop, this was being 2nd in charge of the whole world ans she should have known better. I have no respect for her or the republican party that didn’t stand up and just say no to her dumb ass. But on the other hand I am glad they did it because WE WON!!!

11 MsMoni Sat, Nov 08, 2008 - 1:55 pm

I agree with you Reg.  I can not argue with anything you said.  She should have known better and the Republican party comes out of this looking stupid and pathetic in the eyes of millions of Americans.  But expect the Republicans to come in 2012 with a different approach.  They will come back using the same tactics as usual under the guise of another ploy to further split the country.

12 Dem4Life Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 1:06 am

If only BadumbasaRock had turned down the job for the good of the nation, maybe we could have had somebody who was actually qualified step up to the plate. This will be his first real job.

The moron said he’d been to 57 states. How dumb is that? Joe Biden said dumdum was “clean” and “articulate”, and dumdum still picked the racist goober for his VP. Brilliant. Great judgment.

13 MsMoni Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 1:23 am

Dem4life, if your attempt at an insult was coherent it may have had some affect on me. Sadly, you are the reason the GOP failed this time around because they never made sense. Like the saying goes, Birds of a feather flock together, I think you have a flock to catch up with.

14 Lev Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 1:40 am

MsMoni, I thought it was me. When I read that idiots post I thought I was turning dumber. Dem4life is really dumb for life. Obama is the president get over it.

15 AR Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 10:02 am

Why wasn’t Obama asked to name the 58 United States?

16 F Sun, Nov 09, 2008 - 2:37 pm

OMG good thing she didn’t win

17 iFlic Mon, Nov 10, 2008 - 1:04 am

I’m just a poor country boy who is just trying to get along and to understand. BTW:  [I joined Senator Obama’s campaign and received thanks by email from him for supportin his election.  I voted for McGovern who until now was considered the most liberal candidate for president. I am kinda independent on guns though being for a gun in every hand, but no bullets.  I am also a socialist who likes “share the wealth”. I am also for the truly liberal principle that we should help the helpless, those without hope or money and dependent on others, sleepin in dark places and children suckin their thumbs with no clothes. Because I’m old and Wall street and oil companies have takin all what I saved, I say break them congomerin oil companies up and put the execs in jail.]  Now to this Palin stuff:

Help me to understand this Afrika business.  Let’s see do I have this right? Unnamed alleged aides of Captain Admiral? McCain are said to tell unnamed persons who told newsmen that Palin was Afreeka challenged.  Is that there the facts? Where am I goin wrong? Any soundbites from anyone who might have had first hand knowledge and who is willin to give his name? Why are we givin as the truth and fact that Palin is Afrerka challenged like it got an imprmater from the Vatican??  I would like to help in any way I can to get the dirt on Palin.  She’s must have lots for sure and she is dangerous to our planned parenting and unparenting freedom. There is so much wrong with her, we don’t need help from unnamed sources to make up stories, true or not. 

I really am concerned about our elected ones bein folks of truth.  Let me give a fact that I will give long odds on bein correct. I can prove everythin I said within the []‘s above and this as well.
Fact:  Sen. O’s first ad on his community organizin on the south side of Chicago said with Sen O’s approval that Sen O “helped those out of work on account of the closin of the Chicago steel mills”  I immediately set those Ob campaign organizers straight by tellin them that those there steel mills all closed down in 1947, 14 years Sen O was born. [Google: Irondale, history, Chicago, closed, steel mills.]  My best friend caddied with those East Side kids whose daddy’s lost their jobs in 1947. After I told O’s campaign they never showed that ad again.  Thank goodness.  That would have gotten those right wing fundamentalist facists goin. I’m scared we are goin to have more mud on our faces as we keep gettin caught by these useful slight fabercations.  Let’s be sure we can get good references for the mud slingin.  I am sure we can. We got her on not knowin the Bush Doctrine.  I loved that one. It is obvious that Gov Palin is a dummy.
Respecfully and Tryin to Learn, iFlic

18 calvinhobbs Mon, Nov 10, 2008 - 11:04 pm

I read all of your Palin comments and I am blown away by the intelligence and sophistication of the average Obama supporter. Wink, wink. Oh my God what have you done?  Where is my gun? Hand me the bible!

19 Abvove Mon, Nov 10, 2008 - 11:19 pm

To tell you the truth I am not trying to be intelligent or sophisticated at all. Hell, you can be dumb as hell and republicans will nominate you for VP so I am just trying my hand at being as dumb as Sarah Palin and after I achieve her dumbness level I am going to become a republican and see if they nominate me in 2012.

20 A Winner Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 2:16 am

calvinhobbs, you are asking for your gun and a bible, what are you planning? Are you planning an assassination? That wouuld be typical of your skinhead ass. Or are you planning a suicide? If that’s the case GOOD-BYE, we don’t need you anyways.

21 calvinhobbs Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 8:56 am

See!?  That’s just what I mean!! Penetrating intellectual prowess from the left!  Your ability to separate fact from fiction and rumor from the truth is positively breathtaking! You must all read Huffington, you are so informed!  Double wink.

22 A Winner Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 9:44 am

calvinhobbs, I don’t have to read Huffington or any other book to see how dumb Sara Palin is. Who the hell would go into a presidental debate and repeatedly say “say it ain’t so Joe”. This idiot was too busy winking and smiling at the camera to be focused on America’s issues. Someone should have told the republican party looks can get you somewhere but not into the white house! Wink, wink.

23 calvinhobbs Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 10:23 am

“Looks can’t get you into the white house.”
Hey, it worked for JFK.

24 A Winner Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 10:43 am

JFK also had a brain. Besides, the American public is much smarter then back in those days. Well, most of us Palin’s just dumb, that’s it she is just stupid!!

25 calvinhobbs Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 5:07 pm

Brilliantly penetrating insight on your part.  Today’s public has hundreds of blogs and numerous news networks to choose from so they just pick out the “truth” they like the best and don’t bother with facts.  What a great method!

26 iFlic Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 10:49 pm

I told ya (see iFlic above) I was afred this afreeka stuff was goin to blow on us.  Im the sort who *likes* to tell ya me told ya so.  But it just dont matter.  Its out ther now.  Ha - we got her phony hair and spensive duds again.  I like this game caus we win even when we are full of the dutys. We win - she lose even when she keeps her mouth shut for a change.  You gotta luv it.  Since our shadow mole leaked the afreeka cuntry stuff on the blondie foxie station, I watched the foxies last night to hear the dummie, Sarer on the greeta von sistern show. The guy who done (he has a namme and exposed himself yesterday) leaks is like us a mccanne hater and has the cute chip on his rite chin and says just what we want. I was pretty sure saher never said the afreeka state thing and seems like she dint.  I luv those stealth guys on our side who leak little fabercatons. The thing so great tho, we win even when we fibb heh heh and smear the dear. <<< Im a poet too.  Aint it fun.  Wanna have a good belly laf.  The pale one is on greeta’s show agin tonite. 

Sarah the Pale one is complete distroyed and punded in the mud. We will never have to worry bout her again.  Every time she tries to pop up we just say “bin to afreaka lately”  she aint gettin another vote even for the puppy catchin jobs. 

Let’s change the law so we can have Barack forever.  If so, we can get that airy professor guy as secretary of education and our Jerimiah as seccretary of race relations. Wudnt it be great, great, great.  [good thins comein 3’s)

27 iFlic Tue, Nov 11, 2008 - 11:59 pm

Im watchin “smear the dear” right now on greeta von sistern as I type.  We got seer now she killed a moose with a gun and is servin moose chili,  Ya know what this means?  We’re goin to be able to get rid of guns; that will unify our base. I really want to confisicate all guns.  Some 8 year old shot and killed his dad and someone else today.  Saw it earlier on foxie blond tv.  With Obama we will finally be able to end this sort of thing and also these school shootin rampages.  And best our peeta alies will be up there in alaska tomorrow with our msnbc placards for kiiin out endangered animals.  Now she just said she shoots carraboo too. When she goes shootin they “share the shootin” Aint it great. We share the wealth and she shares the shootin. She stumbles in her stupidity every hour at the least.  I’m havin fun.  Oh Oh lickin my chops now. She regularly kills fish and her husband dose it as a job.  Peeta Peeta how we luv ya.