Jul 27 2009
Stephon Marbury melts down

Stephon Marbury Destroys his Career, Truman World Style

If you are not watching Stephon Marbury destroy what’s left of his career, really what are you doing? Short story shorter: yesterday afternoon, Stephon Marbury popped up on Justin.tv, shirtless and mouthing off about everything on his dome.
When he’s not talking, he plays random songs as he drifts into radio DJ mode, “Ladies if you want to hear Drake, press 1.” At one point he broke down and started crying. When he went to sleep, he kept the cam running, like a bedtime Truman Show cam.

Stephon Marbury endorses Ritz crackers

As we speak he’s walking back and forth on a balcony, with a bathrobe around his waist.

Stephon Marbury repeatedly states that his reason for the video is to show people the real Stephon. Those local newspapers guys, who are they to talk about him?

Stephon Marbury endorses Ritz crackers

Oh yeah, he does commercials too..

Stephon Marbury endorses Ritz crackers

What about his basketball career? From his mouth to your eyes/ears… “Basketball who cares about basketball? I’m not gonna run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I did it.. and they (the owners) get all of the money.”

The Boston Celtics offered Stephon Marbury 1.2 million to come off their bench next season. With Kevin Garnett coming back and Rasheed Wallace onboard, that’s a good chance at another championship. Not to mention easy cash for lite-work. Steph turned them down. Not like he had other offers. Guess he’s busy with Starbury.tv It’s safe to say you will never see him on an NBA court again.

Notice the friends in the background, enabling and allowing this to continue? Not the kind I ever want in my life.

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1 MsMoni Mon, Jul 27, 2009 - 6:04 pm

Clearly Stephon has something major going on in his life, and it’s sad that his friends and family aren’t stepping up and doing something.  Unfortunately, when people get to a certain place in life there’s little you can do to save them from themselves. I’ll pray for him and hope he gets whatever he needs to be happy.

2 NBA fan Thu, Jul 30, 2009 - 11:37 am

This guy is so full of himself, he’s trying to unload all of his bs on anybody who cares.  Hopefully, this melt down with finally make him go away.  I for one would like to stop hearing news about him.