Jul 05 2008
Venus Williams wins 2008 Wimbledon

Venus Williams Wins the 2008 Wimbledon > Williams Sisters Showdown

Venus Williams won the matchup against Serena Williams in this year’s Wimbledon. Nothing against Serena, but I was rooting for Venus. In their last meeting, Serena ran back and forth over Venus. It was time for the older sister to win; beyond that, Venus seemed to be more focused.

The win gives Venus five titles, and one more Rosewater Dish to hang on her wall. Can you imagine how that room looks? Nothing but gold and silver all over the place..

Treasure rrom scene from The Mummy.. movie

something like a scene from the Mummy.

Venus cracked a few jokes in the post-game interview, said how tough it was to beat Serena.. the whole time, Serena stood there looking deflated, if not heartbroken. Champions don’t embrace second place.

By the way, Serena said she wasn’t heartbroken..

Here’s Venus..

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1 rowdy Wed, Jul 23, 2008 - 4:39 pm

50 years from now someone ia going to hear a golden oldie rap song and wonder what in the ever lovin’ hell was wrong with those people.