Apr 06 2009
Viggo Mortensen dons black shades in Eastern Promises

Viggo Mortensen the Next to Leave Hollywood to do.. Other Things

Ludacris and Common are loving their time in Hollywood’s circles. I should add Mos Def as well. It’s safe to say that without the big (and small) screen checks Mos Def has cashed over the years he’d be dressed in Target colors showing someone where the toasters are. I exaggerate - a bit. The point is one Gabrielle Union has made once before: making movies is some of the best paying work you can get.
Gabrielle was talking about being sold on making movies for a living after being paid more for one movie than what her father made in a year scraping by on his 9-5.

That said, it’s interesting that over the last year and a half, bonafide stars (Angelina Jolie, Joaquin Phoenix) have decided that running around film sets in costumes and channeling their thespian voices is all too much. I got better things to do.

Add Viggo Mortensen to that bunch. You might know him as Aragon in Lord of the Rings or if your movie tastes are a little darker and deeper, History of Violence and Eastern Promises. In a recent interview with the Times UK, Viggo Mortensen said, it’s over, he needs a break.

“In the past week I’ve been from LA to Japan to Korea to Poland to here. It’s ridiculous. It’s not a healthy way to be. But, as it happens, I’m taking measures to change that. No more movies!
I haven’t said yes to one in over a year. I’ve been in all these well-received movies and it seems like I should be doing some more, but there are other things I want to do.”

Mentioned elsewhere, agreed here: as long he’s not working on his rapping skills, you know, The Life and Times of Viggo Mo-Cheddar, have fun.

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