Mar 22 2012
Trayvon Martin sticker on man's jacket

Were There a #millionhoodies at the March for Trayvon Martin?

Yesterday, there was a great turnout for the #millionhoodie march in NYC’s Union Square. People of all races and ages showed up to support Trayvon Martin’s parents as they pursue justice in their son’s death. Since they were in the city doing interviews earlier in the day, on the Today Show and Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation, his parents came to Union Square to speak and thank everyone for well, just giving a damn - that’s a shot at you Sanford, Florida.

As I walked up to the park, space was tight, which only allowed for these shots. I wasn’t going to post them but take a look at the size of the crowd.

crowd beginning to march for Trayvon Martin in Union Square

The march is underway for Trayvon Martin in Union Square

The crowd for Trayvon Martin in Union Square

One hand up for the prayer for Trayvon martin's parents

The march toward 5th avenue for Trayvon Martin

Does that look like a couple of dozen people?

Sean Hennessey a local CBS news reporter decided to report that as his count. During a live shot he looked into the camera and said, “there are a couple of dozen people out here.”

Man yelling at CBS news reporter Sean Hennessey

Some people were pissed (especially the guy in that picture.) They told him to report the truth. He ignored them and continued with his live shot.

Later he did tell someone say that he was talking about a couple of dozen hoodies, but he didn’t explain that to anyone else. It sounded like a last ditch excuse. More importantly, just because someone wasn’t wearing a hoodie didn’t mean they weren’t there for the cause - #millionhoodies.

That’s FOX news tactics. I didn’t know CBS got down like that.

Shout out to Fantastic Babblings for catching that moment.

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1 Alicia Young Thu, Mar 22, 2012 - 9:50 am

“When you know better you do better”, words of Dr. Maya Angelou to Oprah Winfrey. CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox not expect fairness from any of them. Just please continue to get your message out. Have a rally every week until Trayvon’s family get justice; Police Chief Billy Lee is fired and Zimmerman is in jail for life. Provide a link where people can purchase the hoodies, nationwide. I am a retired Computer Network Administrator. My service is yours if you need me.