May 19 2012
Will Smith smacks reporter at Men in Black 3 premiere

Will Smith Wasn’t Happy When a Reporter Kissed Him @ Men in Black 3 Premiere

On Friday, Will Smith was in Moscow for the Men in Black 3 premiere. During the usual shaking hands and smiling for the press on the red carpet, one reporter decided to get himself a little something extra.

Will Smith gets a hug from a reporter at Men in Black 3 premiere

He pulled in closer for what looked like a bro hug, but then kissed Will Smith on the cheek. Will Smith switched to the other side.

Will Smith gets a kiss <br />
from a reporter at Men in Black 3 premiere

This time the reporter planted it a little wetter and deeper.

Will Smith pushed reporter away at Men in Black 3 premiere

Will Smith pushed the reporter away in disgust, yelling, “what’s your problem, man?” (you know the voice.) Showing he still has the skills he learned while filming Ali, Will gave him a quick smack in the face. IMO what caused him to get smacked was the jerky grin on his face. Look at him.

Some sensitive souls are saying Will Smith was being homophobic; this is customary for European men; even explaining that this is the reporter’s schtick. Forget all of that. Do you want that guy’s lips on your neck?

Comment made elsewhere, but made me laugh, “in fairness, Will did come 90% of the way.”

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1 jimliz Wed, Jun 13, 2012 - 2:15 am

all in she pretty she is more black than white

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