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Rasheed Thurmond

Comedian Rasheed Thurmond Passes Away From Heart Attack

Brooklyn’s own Rasheed Thurmond passed away of a heart attack this week. Who is Rasheed Thurmond? You may have seen him on Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy, Def Comedy Jam, or maybe you’re local and caught his act live at The Apollo.

One thing is for sure, every time Rasheed performed he had the people doing all that LOL and LMDFAO stuff.

It’s crazy to think that someone so young (36) and happy would have heart problems. One reason why pomegranate juice is my new best friend.

Here are some YouTubes of a brotha that went too soon. R.I.P.

Bad Boys of Comedy

Funny First Saturdays in Chicago

Star and Bucwild - The Early Days

Guess Who’s Back? Star and Bucwild Returning to the Airwaves

Call it an early Christmas present for their fans, The Star and Bucwild Show (more Star than wild) is returning to the airwaves. The time and station of the show’s second life will be announced at a press conference this Wednesday.

In 2001, Star and Bucwild were fired from HOT 97 after angry Aaliyah fans pelted the station with calls for their handling of Aaliyah’s death - *think plane crash sound effects.*
After a short stay at Connecticut’s Power 104.1 and later Philadelphia’s Power 99, the duo returned to New York, this time at Hot 97 rival, Power 105. It wasn’t long after that Star got into an on-air back and forth with HOT 97’s DJ Envy, which resulted in Star making threatening remarks about Envy’s daughter.

Power 105 fired him in May 2006. Chased off NY radio for a second time, Star took a writer’s vacation: using the time to pump out Objective Hate.

Here we are, a little over a year later, Star and Bucwild will be back on the air. I’ll leave the pros and cons of that up to you.

Will the full cast of characters return?

Star and Bucwild bunch

Star and Bucwild’s former employer, Clear Channel wants nothing to do with the show. That takes Power 105 out of the picture. HOT 97 is a guaranteed, “Hell no!”

In NY, that leaves a tag team with Wendy Williams on WBLS, or will they take the show to satellite? Press conference this Wednesday. Stay tuned.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Beyonce Eats Potato Chips To Ease Her Love Starved/Lonely Life

The overseas portion of the Beyonce Experience tour wrapped a couple of weeks ago, which means Beyonce can return to her lite-on-the-snacks diet plan; as she’ll have more time to spend with that Jay-Z guy. According to Australian tabloid rag mag NW, Beyonce is taking out her lack of love/attention from Jay-Z on big servings of chips and ice cream.

“She’s just so lonely and love-starved that at the end of the day, if Beyonce can’t get [rapper boyfriend] Jay-Z on the phone, she opens a bag of potato chips and gorges. She lies in bed with the lights off and downs a pint of ice-cream and sometimes even falls asleep with the spoon in her mouth.” - reads the unsourced, unidentified quote.

Take that for what it is: a tabloid rumor. Speaking of rumors, MediaTakeout’s item of the day goes the other way. They say, when Beyonce was in Russia, Jay-Z wasn’t happy that one of her bodyguards slept in her hotel room. Poppa Knowles said it was appropriate and given circumstances will happen again, less his precious little girl be kidnapped by the Russian mafia.

Haha. Gotta love that let’s just make up anything news.

Selita Ebanks All Smiles

Jokes Models Find Funny: Selita Ebanks on Nick Cannon

The Nick Cannon/Selita Ebanks affair was short-circuited a long time ago, but Selita still references the relationship in her little stories. Featured in Esquire’s latest installment of beautiful women telling funny jokes, Selita pulled out a restaurant moment.

“I was having dinner with my former fiancé [rapper and actor Nick Cannon], and he was chewing really loudly. Just smack, smack, smack, going crazy. So I looked over at him with a straight face and said, “How’s the food? Because the soundtrack is dope.”

I’m sure that was better at the table. smile

Regina King

Regina King Talks “This Christmas,” The Boondocks, and Sierra Leone

Regina King is featured in the latest Newsweek, among other things, she talks about her part in “This Christmas,” which opened in theaters today.

Regina’s character, Lisa, is married to a guy that wants her share of the family’s money and his share of side pie. Lisa does all she can to make the marriage work, like slicing his dinner up just right when they’re at the table, but it’s a hopeless situation.

Regina King, Ian Alexander, and son

Offscreen, Regina King would not be cutting anyone’s meat into bite-sized pieces, but she used the personal experiences from her recent divorce from Ian Alexander to relate to Lisa’s circumstances. She talks about it in “A Woman for All Seasons”.

Uh, you’ll have to click over. I popped the quote in and it was a little too weighty for the moment - maybe if this was a Moms United blog or The Divorced Mothers forums. I’m more interested in this clip from The Craig Ferguson Show.

Last month, Regina King was on the show to talk about the upcoming Boondocks season. The conversation bounces all over the place, so not only do you get that she lives in “the black Beverly Hills,” she talks about a recent trip to Sierra Leone and being the voice of both Huey and Riley. Yeah, she does those voices. <

< News to me.

Go ahead,

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