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Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson to Open for the Jackson 5 Reunion Tour

Vertigo is keeping Janet Jackson from performing at some her own concerts, but a quick break after the calendar flips, will give Janet plenty of space to stop her head from spinning and put in work for her brothers. Her biological brothers. Speaking at an Australian TV station event, Jermaine Jackson confirmed that The Jackson 5 are getting back together for a new album - that includes Michael.

The Jackson 5 - original flavor

The brothers are currently in the studio: the plan is to bang out a new album and in 2009 The Jackson 5 will be at a stadium near you. To make the family connect complete, Jermaine has tabbed Janet Jackson as the opening act.

“This has been a long time coming for the Jackson family to get back together,” Jermaine told the Australian Associated Press. “It is just the timing, so what we’ve been doing is working on the music and all the logistics. It is going to be more like a family affair..
Janet’s going to open and, of course, the original Jackson 5 ... Michael, Randy and the whole family. ... We’re in the studio, we’re planning on being out there next year.”

Forget Janet, can Michael even stand.. much less, moonwalk across the stage?

Common and a big smile from Maya Angelou at The Friars Club

The First Black President? The ‘Chocolate News’ Perspective

Common and Maya Angelou stopped for a picture at yesterday’s Benefit for Readers and Writers at The Friars Club in NYC. Whenever I see Maya Angelou, I can’t forget her firm support for Hillary Clinton during the primarys. She was swayed by Hillary’s experience and dedication to the ‘struggle.’ Both arguable points, but who, with a scrap of home training, would get in the face of someone that could easily be their own grandmama? Not to mention Maya Angelou’s earned spot in the cultural lexicon.

Clearly her lack of support wasn’t about race, but there are some people who argue that the 95% of the black vote Barack Obama will get on Nov 4th, shows how racist black people are: voting for the black man, because he’s tan. That’s laughable, because for the last 25 years the black vote has basically been ignored by Democratic candidates, because black people vote 95% for the Democratic candidate, no matter who is at the top of the ticket? This year that person happens to be a black man.

Sure, there is a secondary pride and third level history making aspect to it, but Hillary Clinton or pre-scandal John Edwards would have had no trouble getting the black vote.
On the other side,  there are white people that won’t vote for Barack, just because of his race. It evens out.

What’s all this talk about black anyway? Barack isn’t black.. Not Djimon Hounsu black!

Chocolate News: The First Black President

“The Republicans have an ex-prisoner. Whose running mate is a heat packing, mama of five, with a teenage knocked up baby’s mama. OH.. hellll no!”

Q-Tip at The Renaissance release party

Q-Tip Celebrates “The Renaissance” at the Bowery Hotel

It looks like Q-Tip will finally get that album on store shelves (and iTtune menus). His second solo excursion The Renaissance will be available on election day. So you can either listen to it during the big celebration or the big tune out ↔ Up top, that’ll be the look on everyone’s faces if McCain/Palin are elected by an edge; and try to find any young person that will take politics seriously anymore. Won’t happen. I’m betting the American people are ready for a revival of the spirit and intellectual stimulation ie. a renaissance. Let’s celebrate..

Q-Tip, Sylvia Rhone, and Kevin Liles at The Renaissance release party

On Tip’s left (?), to the right, President of Motown Records, Sylvia Rhone and Executive VP of Warner Music, Kevin Liles. Down here..

Q-Tip and Nia Long at The Renaissance release party

Nia Long. Isn’t she having fun?.. hmmm.

Q-Tip and Steve Stoute at The Renaissance release party

That’s Steve ‘I got a brand plan’ Stoute.

Estelle at The Renaissance release party

Estelle with some American boys.

Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers, RZA at The Renaissance release party

Mark Ronson (imported Amy Winehouse to the US), Nile Rodgers (produced Diana Ross “I’m Coming Out,” Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” album, Chic.. and those “Good Times”) Is RZA using his real name for movie credits?

Tyson Beckford and Ali at The Renaissance release party

Tyson Beckford and Ali Shaheed Muhammad were in the place.

Nas and Extra P at The Renaissance release party

Nas and Large Professor. This picture goes back in so many ways? “Live at the Barbecue” give you a hint?

Q-Tip and Nas at The Renaissance release party

Tip pays homage.

And I reload his new video..

Q-Tip “Gettin Up”

That’s good music.

Images:(J. Nunez/Wireimage)

Halle Berry's new curly hairdo

Halle Berry’s Brand New Curly, What it Doo

It’s been a few minutes since we’ve had a Halle Berry spotting. At least enough time for her to slip into a disguise and ditch the paps. That would be impossible - but she knows that by now. Over the weekend Halle was spotted up north, in Toronto, Canada picking up some eats at Whole Foods.

The coat, the glasses, the curly fro.

Halle Berry with a head of curls at Whole Foods

It looks like she’s shooting a scene from a movie.

Halle Berry at Whole Foods

But it’s just Halle with her.. what it doo.

Images:[INF Daily]

Chris Rock and family at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

It’s Kid’s Day @ Madagascar 2 Premiere: Chris Rock + Smith’s Come Out

Westwood, California was lit by smiling faces yesterday as the stars of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa came out for an afternoon premiere. Being a cartoon flick, meant the kids were invited to the party.

Chris and the Rockettes posed for a family photo..

Chris Rock and family with Fergie at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

how Fergie squeezed in there is anyone’s guess.

Sherri Shepherd and family with Fergie at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Sherri ‘the world might be flat’ Shepherd lined up with her babies.

Toni Braxton and family at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Toni Braxton rushed out of the house at the last minute. Evidence: Jr. on the left was getting a haircut when she screamed.. “We gotta go!”

Cedric the Entertainer and Alex at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Cedric came for self, but he partnered up with, who is that.. Alex?

Ben Stiller at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Ben Stiller → the voice of Alex.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett with the kids at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Will and Jada with the young thespians

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett with the kids at Madagascar Escape 2 Africa premiere

Chris Rock and Will Smith.. wouldn’t those two names look good on a movie poster?