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Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Wedding Picture

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian’s Real E! Wedding

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian were married over the weekend.. or were they? Word is it was a staged ceremony for the new season debut of Keeping Up with the Kardashians airing in December. Family members deny Khloe is pregnant. The official line is Lamar and Khloe are in love and wanted to settle down asap. Lamar Odom fast tracked the wedding before NBA training camp starts in a few weeks.

So where is the staging? It’s said the E! channel told Lamar and Khloe they would pay for the million dollar wedding if they held it this past Sunday. If you thought it was crazy Lamar Odom would decide, after a month, he met his happily ever after chick, you’ll be happy to know he wanted a prenup just in case he wakes up from his Hangover.

Lamar Odom’s lawyers weren’t able to work out the details of an agreement by Sunday, so the talk is they went through the motions of the ceremony, but as of this time, are not legally bonded. No marriage license was signed. But it seems that necessary business of pre-dividing millions of dollars, now and to come, is the only thing holding back them from signing checks Mr and Mrs.

Last Thursday, Lamar Odom Tweeted..

Lamar Odom and his boys at bachelor party before wedding to Khloe Kardashian

“With all my boys. Let the bachelor party begin.”

Khloe Kardashian shows off her engagement ring before wedding to Lamar Odom

As did Khloe.. “Bachelorette party bitches!!!!” *that’s not her party*

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant at Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian wedding

Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, and Phil Jackson were among the 250 guests at the ceremony.

Ryan Seacrest at Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian wedding

As was Ryan Seacrest.. “Khloe looked amazing at the wedding.. Babyface sang”

Adrienne Bailon and Kelly Osbourne at Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian wedding

Adrienne Bailon and Kelly Osbourne. Random? Not really, Adrienne used to date one of Khloe’s brothers.

Bruce Jenner at Lamar Odom/Khloe Kardashian wedding

That’s Bruce Jenner, Khloe’s stepfather, also a 1976 Olympic champion. He was reportedly in tears.

Of course there were a couple of Tweets from others in attendance, like Lala Vazquez’s comment to Kim Kardashian wrapping up the evening, “Tonight was one of the best nights! Khloe & Lamar’s wedding was a night to remember! I love u both so much!”

Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, after their wedding

I have a friend who got married to a girl he met three weeks before running to the court house. It didn’t last six months. I like Lamar, have no problem with Khloe, here’s hoping next June, she’s at the Staple Center when the Lakers celebrate their second NBA championship. Yup, making predictions.

Ashanti in pink dress on top of the Empire State Building

Ashanti Celebrates The 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz

Did somebody say Ashanti? Yeah, I read the comments and conveniently she is in the news. On Thursday, Ashanti was on CBS’s Early Show to talk about the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz. Later in the day she was at the Empire State Building where the picture up top was taken. How is she qualified? This April, Ashanti took on the starring role of Dorothy in the Broadway musical The Wiz, the African-American remix of Frank Baum’s classic. In the 70s, Stephanie Mills (the play) and Diana Ross (the movie) both made The Wiz a success and generally received good reviews. According to the NY Times, Ashanti is less convincing..

Ashanti on stage in the 2009 revival of The Wiz

“Unfortunately Ashanti, making her stage debut, mostly seems like a pretty place-holder, an empty vessel in a sparkly dress.. Her voice is terrific — bright, multicolored and flexible — and her singing is certainly impressive. But she brings little conviction and less charm to the book scenes and looks a little bit lost, and not in a yearning, get-me-back-to-Kansas kind of way. Her climactic solo song, “Home,” should bring the show to a satisfying, perhaps even moving conclusion, but Ashanti’s performance is vocally accomplished yet hollow, as if she’d been given the song the day before and learned it by rote for one of the middle rounds of ‘American Idol.’ “

Ouch. I suppose it’s one man’s opinion. After all, no one has locked her out of the theater yet.

Here is Ashanti’s interview on CBS.

And her performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Ciara in jeep outside Mac Cosmetics in Los Angeles

Ciara All Braided Up in Los Angeles + First UStream Show

Ciara’s Fantasy Ride was released in May of this year. Blame it on lukewarm singles, the out of character Vibe photo shoot, or simply disinterest, it was an unexpected sales flop. A Fantasy with more meat and heat would have kept her busy for a year or more. Not this time, for Ciara, it’s back to the studio: the booth and dance. She can offer a couple more servings before anyone can stick a fork in her career. Ciara is currently in Los Angeles working on a few projects, but there is always time to shop at Mac Cosmetics.

Makes for a nice paparazzi moment too.

Ciara gets swarmed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles

Any doubt they knew she was arriving?

Ciara gets swarmed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles

With Dsquared eyewear beaming, freshly tightened braids and a slimmer look courtesy of a daily work out regimen.

Ciara and crew at Mac Cosmetics in Los Angeles

Ciara was in..

Ciara gets swarmed by the paparazzi in Los Angeles

and Ciara was out. Time is money, life meant to be enjoyed and Ciara’s loving every minute of it.

So she said this afternoon during her first Ustream show. It was a half-hour of fans asking questions via live calls and Twitter.

I tapped out at the 10 minute mark. Started to feel like I was in the eighth grade reading Word Up magazine. If you’re reading this when you should be doing homework.. enjoy wink

Eve says hello to Mini Me (Verne Troyer) at Cinema Against Aids

New Couple Alert: Eve and Mini-Me @ Cinema Against AIDS

Ok, I’ll defuse this right up front, Eve and Mini-Me are NOT a couple. Thought I’d try my hand at the wild rumor thing. I think I’m supposed to just say it as fact and let you the viewer/reader figure it out for yourself. How it really went down: yesterday, the tamed pitbull in a skirt and Verne Troyer were guests at the Cinema Against AIDS event in Toronto, Canada.

Eve says hello to Mini Me (Verne Troyer) at Cinema Against Aids

Eve spotted the lil fella..

Eve and Mini Me (Verne Troyer) at Cinema Against Aids

and posed for a couple of pics. He really is tiny.

Eve and Deborah Cox at Cinema Against Aids

Not sure what else brought Eve to Canada, but since she was in town it was no surprise that she bumped into Toronto native Deborah Cox.

Eve and Deborah Cox at Cinema Against Aids

I’ll take one of each.

Dame Dash and The Black Keys working on Blakroc

Dame Dash and The Black Keys Team Up for Blakroc

While Jay-Z’s star shines brighter and wider year after year, deep within my soul - when BP3’s on pause - I see this and wonder, “Where and what’s up with Dame Dash?” Occasionally you’ll see him on a random YouTube video that bubbles to the top of your playlist. I’ll say it, those things are hard to watch. There’s the guy that used to brag about poppin tags daily, never wearing the same pair of sneakers twice, reduced to keeping it basic - “white tee for me.” Hey, they do come 3 to a $7.99 pack. Easy to keep fresh.

I joke, but it’s not funny. This is the man who served his opinions with big scoops of confidence and bravado, at ear deafening levels, mostly fighting for his crew. No matter what the problems were between Dame Dash and Jay-Z over the years, there is no doubt he lived and breathed Roc-A-Fella.

So he gets kicked off Fantasy island. Is the black list so thick he can’t make any moves?

The Black Keys working on Blakroc

Well coming out of left field, Dame Dash is back in action, and it appears he’s in sync with Blueprint 3 - on to the next/raising the hip-hop bar - by teaming up with blues/rock act The Black Keys. They provide their gut bucket blues 2.0 soundscape for a handful of lyric minded rappers to rip on an album called Blakroc.

Mos Def and The Black Keys working on Blakroc

Rappers on mic check are Ludacris, Mos Def, RZA, Q-Tip, Raekwon, Billy Danze (MOP), Pharoahe Monch, of course - Jim Jones, some guy called Noe, and singer Nikki Wray.

Nikke Wray in studio, Blakroc time

Judging from this preview video clip they all step up in a big way. Let it run to the end and you’ll hear Jim Jones float over the track real nice like.

Blakroc in stores Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Maybe this will get Dame off the couch for good wink