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Essence ATL holding up Ray-J CD

The Ray J and Fab “Fight”: the Essence Perspective

There’s no way you haven’t heard about the Ray-J and Fabolous fight in Las Vegas. This morning Fabolous was on the radio with DJ Clue to clear up any misunderstanding from Ray-J’s “Tupac’s Back” rant on Power 105, yesterday.

That’s here - Fabolous Responds To Ray J s 2pac Rant On Power 105!

Much appreciated, but even more so was this run down by @essenceatl. A self-confessed, Ray J fanatic, she expressed how serious her love was for him, “I got the Doctor Doolittle soundtrack because he was on it.”

Yeah, I’d say that’s wifey level actions.

A day before he spoke, Essence got the story exactly the way Fab told it: Ray J was either drunk or high + how the fight went down.

This is good stuff.


“That being said… I am done. I would like to conclude by saying that I am saddened that I no longer feel the same way about Ray J as I did when I was 10.”

Swizz Beatz smiling in a black Lotus. You would too.

Swizz Beatz Gives Alicia Keys a Lotus for HIS Birthday

Yesterday, Swizz Beatz celebrated his 33rd birthday, but he could care less about a birthday cake/party. He used the occasion to give Alicia Keys a Lotus. It looks like it’s from the Evora family.

Alicia Keys stands next to her new, red Lotus Evora

Now, we all know Swizz was just tapped by Lotus to be their VP of Creative Design and Global Marketing. So he likely got the car for nothing or wrote it off on an expense report.

How much would it cost you? A spanking new Lotus Evora rocks a sticker price in the $61,250 - $63,990 range.

Yes, surprisingly affordable. wink

I was looking for a first person, driver’s perspective video of the Evora, but what’s out there is not going to give you that experience. But check this video to go for a ride in the Evora’s cousin, the Lotus Elise. This guy chases down a Miata on a twisted diamondback road; “driving it like it was meant to be driven.”

On that first turn I was wondering why he didn’t switch lanes to get up on that Miata, and out pops, not one, but four motorcycles going in the opposite direction. Out of nowhere!