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The Way We See It - October 2006
October 16, 2006 *updated Monday-Friday (unless it's a slow day)
Flavor of love 2 Finale: New York is The Flavorette - 2:28 p.m.
Flavor of Love 2

The only thing shocking about last night's Flavor of Love 2 finale was that it wasn't over sooner. Last season Flav seemed to enjoy being back in the spotlight, period. There was Strange Love, but this show was all about Flav. After Hoopz embarrassed him by turning groupie chick as soon as the cameras pushed off, this time around he seemed to be real about finding someone who would be around til Tuesday.

Even though New York made it to the final round, it was over the day her mother returned on her broomstick, more scatterbrained than ever, casting spells and evil like the wicked witch from Eastwood. No man in his right mind would choose to get into a relationship with a woman who's mother would literally sprinkle draino in his Kool-Aid. "Here you go, Flav. Let's be friends. Special mix!"

New York's mother set the foundation for her daughter's defeat, and New York erected the tower so everyone could see, this ain't nothing you want to mess with.'

On their date, she lost her mind.. "I'm gonna plan our lives together. You'll be happy.. Of course you are the man, first and foremost, but I'm gonna be the lady to take charge. Make sure things are in place. Make sure you're happy all the time. We're gonna do things my way."

Flavor of Love 2

For the the first time ever, New York showed that she is nothing but a younger, miniature clone of her mother... and her plans for him? Take a look at her father. Silent and ball-less. That don't even sound like Flavor Flav.

His response (later on in the video commentary): "Is you f*cking crazy? I started to push that b*tch off the boat for that, but she can't swim and I ain't feel like going in after her ass."

New York also commented afterwards, when she supposedly understood that her 'plan' wasn't gonna happen, but she still didn't get it.. "What I'm gonna basically try to do is wear a muzzle. Keep my mouth shut. At least until elimination night, so that he doesn't know fully what he's gonna get himself into."

New York was dramatic last season, but this time she was too much. She seemed to know that she was a show favorite and the cameras were rolling, so she was ready to make any situation filled with drama. I was a New York fan only because Hoopz fakeness was all over her face. New York was Flav's best match at that time, but things happen for a good reason, haha.. he's lucky that he didn't pick her, then or now.

Delishis stood out with her Amazonian-like thickness. Compared to the other girls, as the show went on, her personality.. realness overshadowed her body, you know, until you saw her from the back, then the focus was back on the rump roast.

Delishis was so real that even after she was chosen, she's said that she believes it's real because of the way he kissed her. In other words: she's looking for acceptance from him, not the other way around.. as she asked him on their date.. Is he doing this just for TV or is it the real deal? That wasn't just about him possibly selecting New York for the theatrics, but if he was really looking for a chick.

So they ride into the sunset.. Flav's said in interviews that he has no need to do another show, becuase he got what he wanted. And freshly booted.. New York will get what she wants.

Today VH1 announced that she's The Flavorette. Which I'll watch just to see what man would put themselves through that kind of torture. They know exactly what they're getting.. and wait til they meet mom.

The reunion show is in two weeks. Looks like they're bringing old Jerry Springer Show back.

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