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The Way We See It - August 2006
August 4, 2006 *updated Monday-Friday (unless it's a slow day)
Meet a YouTube Star: Nia Sings the Hits - 1:29 p.m.

Nicky Mac sent me this Youtube clip yesterday, which made my day in a big way. I'm not one to say your kid is cute, this and that, but this little girl (Nia) is.. too cute. She's singing "Can't Hide Love" off Earth Wind and Fire's Gratitude album. That's music your momma, or your momma's momma has definitely groovy looed too.

It's the throwing back of the head, the outstretched arms and dramatic looks that make her adorable. Not to mention that she knows the words to the song. I'll hum along, no way a dude can belt it out like that.

She's just 4-years-old, her parents are obviously amazed that she shows such an aptitude for singing at such an early age. There are clips of her singing Alicia Key's 'Falling" and others that have her age marked at 2-years-old. So she's been doing this for a long time.. as in 4 years, as in singing in Momma's belly. *Late at night. What's that sound?.. Patting her stomach. Oh, that's just Nia.*

She's much too young for anyone to tell if she can actually sing, but I have a good feeling that this will be a classic clip 10-15 years from now. You can hear her Mom and Dad's voice in the background on some of the other clips, 'stand back so I can see you'.. guiding the career like Knowles folks already.

The clip has been viewed nearly a half million times, so you may have seen it already. Checking out the others on the page (which Momma seems to be updating every day) I think you'll agree it's the best of the bunch.. that greatest hit.

Oh no. Teddy Pendergrass ? Watch as she drops the 'mic' and actually looks disappointed. She's serious about hers. Haha.

She's going in my favorites.

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