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A Chat with Nivea Hamilton

By Nicky Mac


So Nivea, what been going on with you?
Nuthin much, just getting ready for this album to come out.

I read somewhere that you were married. Is that true?
Yes, I'm married. I got married last December.

Thank you.

And you're having a baby?
Yes, I'm having a baby. I'm going to name her Navy.. like the color navy blue? My daughter is due on May 15th. I'm very blessed..excited. Just ready for her to be here. My little bundle of joy.

Aww..that's so sweet. Where are you living right now?
Still living in Atlanta.

Silly question, but what kind of name is "Nivea"? Black folks will come up with anything, where did yours come from?
I've heard different stories, but I heard it was pulled from my grandmother's name; Eva. I have 3 sisters-Ava, Reba and me, Nivea.

Ok, so let's start from the beginning. I read you were shy.
Very shy.

But you wanted to sing?
Definitely didn't want to be a singer. I knew I could sing. It was very popular in my family.

You burst on the scene singing the hook to Mystikal's "Danger". How did that come about?
I recorded for about 4 years before I hooked up with Mystikal. I had my demo in 2000, was signed to Jive. He's on Jive Records too. They said they needed someone to sing the hook. So, I said, alright, let's just go in and try it. I didn't really think anything about it.

That song blew up. It was hot. How did it feel hearing yourself on the radio?
It was strange, especially for someone being so shy. Who is like, uneasy about the whole thing. It's like, you're somewhere, and you hear people opening their doors, turning it up loud, "saying that's my song!" You're like, WOW! I used to just walk by people, while they were listening to it, and they didn't even know it was me. I enjoyed it. It was even more exciting when my music came out.."Don't Mess With My Man" - the ladies anthem. They sing it, know all the words. When I first got back on the road, the song hadn't even hit radio yet, but everyone knew the words. We were like wait a minute! How do they know all the words?

Yeah, that had to be a great feeling. So, what's up with the new album, does it have a title?
The new album is called Complicated.

Complicated? What's the meaning behind that title?
The album basically deals reflects what women are, different personalities, and the way we deal with situations. We are complicated.

I agree. But sometimes, men make us that way.
Men are complicated too. We are just more, because, we are so emotional. Some men make us that way, others of us bring it on ourselves.

So what is the vibe of the album?
The summer is coming up, this is a summer album. Its coming out May 3rd.

Your inspiration for the new album? You have a song called "No more" that deals with family tribulations?
A lot of different situations in the past. This album was years in the making. I have a song called "Its All Good", a song done with Dream. Very personal. When songs are personal, they are a little harder to get out…you're like oh..that song is talking about me. It's hard to record that feeling/emotion you are talking about.

What's different from this album compared to the last?
The sound of this album is different from the first. It's me..but vocally, I'm different. The way the songs are written is different, but it's me.

So, I've heard "Okay" remixed with Lil Jon/Youngbloodz, definite club banger. I read that the original was with Lil Wayne. I haven't heard that version yet.
Oh, no. This is the original. It was totally written by Dream [not the girl group on Bad Boy]. At the club, it's like everyone waits all night to hear that song. When it comes on, they're like yeah! that's my song! The song just means for you to do whatever it takes for you to feel glamorous, that what you do. We do have an Okay remix coming, with Dream. It is OFF DA CHAIN! Everyone will love it. We hope to do a video in the next few weeks. The original is still holding on the charts.

You have a song called "McDonald's Parking Lot." What's the meaning behind that?
That's a Jermaine Dupri (JD) song. That's one of those songs about a girl cheatin' on her man..which is BOO! It happens though. I think people will like it. It's cool.

How was it to work with JD and R Kelly? Why are they such a great producers?
Both producers are different. They are very much focused. Get on it,stay in tuned, and get it done.

How was production with R Kelly? What was the process like? I heard its similar to bootcamp?
Naw, nothing like that. We did the songs, fast. Each was unique and different. Things just came together. It was not a long process.

Okay, I know you have to go but I have to ask one last question. Where do you get your fashion/style from?
I wear whatever I feel good in. Mostly, I love shoes. What girl doesn't?


Nivea's Complicated will be released May 3, 2005

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