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October 1, 2004

Shaq and Kobe

Though NBA stars Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant no longer have to work together, they are still having the same personal problems they had when they were teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. The Los Angeles Times reported that when being questioned about the alleged rape of the Eagle County hotel employee, Kobe revealed that Shaquille O'Neal has paid his sexual conquests up to $1 million dollars, to keep quiet about their dealings.

Detective Dan Loya says, "Bryant made a comment to us about what another teammate does in situations like these. Bryant stated he should have done what Shaq does. Bryant stated that Shaq would pay his women not to say anything. He stated Shaq has paid up to a million dollars already for situations like this. He stated he, Bryant, treats a woman with respect, therefore they shouldn't say anything."

Upon hearing this Shaq countered with, "This whole situation is ridiculous. I never hang out with Kobe, I never hung around him. In the seven or eight years we were together, we were never together. So how this guy can think he knows anything about me or my business is funny." Shaq also made it known that Kobe, who has spent millions of dollars on extravagant gifts for his wife Vanessa since his arrest, is the one that is paying women off. Shaq said, "And one last thing - I'm not the one buying love. He's the one buying love."

First of all, I want to say that Kobe Bryant is just a blithering idiot. Has everyone read the transcripts of his police interview? He should have just pleaded guilty. Good thing that the victim was such a tramp, because otherwise Kobe was going down, based on his own admissions. Even the public apology he gave the victim was ridiculous. I can't remember it word for word, but he basically said, "well sorry I raped you, I thought it was consensual, but now I realize that it wasn't." I hope that Kobe never gets caught up in anything like this again. You don't have to be a career criminal to know that you don't claim your innocence and proceed to tell the police that you are guilty.

Not only was he telling all of his business to the police, he was telling them Shaq's business, which had absolutely nothing to do with his situation whatsoever. If Shaq gives his entire salary to hoes to keep their mouths shut, so what? Why is Kobe telling the police this?. I'm sure Shaq isn't the only player in the League doing that. It's funny because the rumor about Shaq paying off groupies and his mistresses has been going around for ages. Kobe telling the police pretty much just confirmed everyone's suspicions. Yet and still, Kobe was way out line and I can see Shaq literally abusing him on the court when their respective teams match up.

Britney Spears
In the wake of getting married and being a magnet for rumors Britney Spears has decided to post a letter on her website to her fans. Britney claims that this is a life changing letter and it took her a week to write it. She will talk about her recent marriage to Kevin Federline and reveal whether or not she is really pregnant. Britneys says, "I owe it to my fans, they need to read it. It will explain any questions they have ever had, it will explain everything." Actually it's the fans who owe Britney. Access to the letter will cost them a mere $24.99.

I am so sick of Britney Spears, I don' t know what to do. Every time I turn around she's doing or saying something ridiculous. It's really honorable that she wants to clear this up with her fans. I don't see why she is doing this via the internet for an outlandish cost. She can call those two fans on the telephone and answer any and all of their questions. I find it strange that someone who just remade Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" feels the need to say anything to anyone. She's so weird. She is doing a Mariah and needs to be stopped.
Britney Spears is the pop star version of Foxy Brown--only she's more famous. She's only in the news for stupid shit, never her music and her behavior is so erratic, it wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't committed to a psychiatric "resort" really soon.

Beyonce Injured While Dancing
Destiny's Child front woman, Beyonce Knowles, was injured during a dance rehearsal on Tuesday in Los Angeles according to MTV. The rehearsal was for an upcoming Destiny's Child appearance with fellow group members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Beyonce tore her right hamstring while dancing and was treated by a sports injury specialist who advised that she not try any more dancing or exercise for at least a week.

Columbia spokesperson Yvette Noel-Shure says, "She overdid it. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that, because she's young and healthy, it heals fast. There are a lot of things in place that we may have to shift. Not the album, which is finished, but side appearances. We'll know more after a week."

The trio was scheduled to film the video for their latest single, "Lose My Breath," on October 8. Whether or not the production will still begin on that date has yet to be decided. Destiny's Child plans to release their newest album, "Destiny Fullfilled" on November 16.

Poor Beyonce. She is really the hardest working woman in show business. She probably pulled that hamstring by senselessly trying to out dance Kelly and Michelle, which she could have probably done while standing still. When Beyonce is on her own she's doing all sorts of flips and intricate dance contortions, but if I remember correctly, Destiny's Child never did more than a two-step in 5-inch stilettos when performing together. How the hell did she tear her hamstring doing a Destiny's Child routine? Maybe they are stepping their game up as a group. Who knows?

Regardless, I hope Beyonce has a speedy recovery, because those other two girls can't do a damn thing without her.

Solange Knowles
Since we're on the topic of Beyonce, my friends in Houston tell me that Solange is due to have her baby within the next two weeks and plans to name him Daniel Juelz Jay Smith. The baby is rumored to be about 7 lbs so far, according to Solange's friends.

I also hear that Solange's husband is no good and he cheats on her. No idea if that's true, but how many of us see Solange and Daniel's marriage lasting?
I'm glad that little Solange is having a boy. I was so worried about her having a daughter and the poor thing having to wear Tina Knowles originals in size 0-3 months. The world is not ready for the Tina Knowles baby collection.

Rapper Mase, whose real name is Mason Betha, is a new father. Mase's wife Twyla gave birth to a baby boy 2 weeks ago. His son's birth caused Mase to cancel a number of performances, including his big "Welcome Back" show in New York. He is now being sued for the $45,000, since he was paid in advance for the performance.

Congratulations to Mase and the wife. If Mase took the money to perform and did not perform, I don't see why he isn't just giving the promoter their money back. He was paid to render a service and he did not, if he's sued, he's going to be ordered to ante up. He should just save the trouble of involving the court.

In other Mase news, it is rumored that he is going to retire again. Mase's people say he is not retiring again, but I wish he would. I was all excited about his comeback and he's done nothing productive since he came back. All he's done was run around uttering contradictions and saying prayers, all in the same breath. I should slap myself for being excited about his comeback in the first place. Mase has never been any favorite rapper of mine. I think I just missed him because I liked his first album, which was no masterpiece.

Damon Dash and Linda Williams
Linda Williams, mother of Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash's 12-year-old son has filed a complaint against Damon with the New York Police Department. Williams alleges that she went to Harlem to pick up their son and Dame refused to let the boy leave with her. She claims that when she tried to take Damon Jr, Damon Sr. and a bodyguard knocked her down and took the child away in a limo. Damon and Linda have been embroiled in an ongoing custody battle. Damon was awarded custody in 2002 and Linda Williams is petitioning for sole custody of Damon Jr.

I think we've done Dame, Linda and this custody battle to death, so there's not much to say here. What I will say, is what the fuck is wrong with Dame Dash? You do not attack your child's mother in front of her son. That is so disrespectful. If he and the bodyguard did in fact assault her in front of the little boy, that says a lot about his character and he definitely should not be allowed to retain custody of the little boy. I can only imagine what kind of man young Damon will grow up to be if this is the kind of example his dad sets for him.

At the same time, Linda Williams could be lying. I can already see this child in therapy messing around with his silly ass parents. It doesn't appear that either Dame or Linda is fit to raise this child. Jay-Z is his godfather. He's stable, he should just take this kid. Anybody but the birth parents should have custody of Damon Jr.

Toni Braxton
Rumor has it that Toni Braxton signed a deal with the WB Network to create a sitcom based on her life. Not for nothing, but is Toni Braxton's life funny or interesting enough to warrant a sitcom? That sounds so bizarre, but stranger things have happened.

Bill Cosby's New Show
Comedian Bill Cosby is adapting his book "Congratulations! Now What?: A Book for Graduates" into a sitcom. The show is to focus on a new college graduate who moves back home with his parents. Cosby is not expected to star in the project. No other details about the show are available.
I am not a really big Bill Cosby fan these days. Since "The Cosby Show" I have found no interest in any of the shows he's done. I am really disgusted by the cartoon on Nickolodeon. I think it's called "Fatherhood." I've only seen like one episode, but it was horrific. I expected better. I don't know what this new show will be like, but if it's a good book, I think they should leave well enough alone.

Nick and Jessica Simpson Rumor
According to a British tabloid, pop stars turned reality stars, Jessica Simpson and her husband Nick Lachey are splitting up. According to the tabloid, Nick is tired of Jessica's "dumb blonde" behavior. The newspaper says, "They are pretty much living separate lives these days. I wouldn't be surprised if both of them are back on the market in a few months." They also claim that Lachey has said, "If I'd wanted a bimbo, I would have married Paris Hilton".

British tabloids are the greatest, because they will say anything, regardless of whether there is a hint of truth to the story. This one isn't hard to believe though. Jessica and Nick's marriage seemed doomed from the start. They are really two different people. That can work in a marriage, but they always seemed weird as a couple. They look good together, but their show "Newlyweds" let the whole world in on the dysfunction that is their marriage.

Nick is also rumored to be uncomfortable in Jessica's shadow, as the reality series was Jessica's springboard to the mainstream success that had eluded the two of them throughout their careers. That same success is still eluding Nick and I can't imagine how he must feel. Since the show first aired, I've been pumping my fist for Nick to get rid of Jessica and find someone who was more on his level.

DMX Paternity Suit
Rapper DMX will have to take a paternity test to prove whether or not he is the father of 5 month old baby in Maryland. DMX has acknowledged he fathered the child with 24-year-old Monique Wayne, but because he has failed to provide child support, Wayne filed a paternity suit. DMX's lawyer says that he will comply with the court's demands once there is a paternity test that proves that he is the baby's father.
Monique Wayne spoke with "Celebrity Justice" and said, "What I want from DMX is just to help me support our child. Everybody's calling me; they want this, they want that. That's not what I want. I just want to have a simple life."

The rapper is married and he and his wife Tashera have 3 children. DMX and Monique should both be ashamed of themselves. X because he is married with children and needs to be somewhere detoxing himself of crack and Monique because she was sleeping with a married crackhead. They're both a mess. If DMX admits that this is his child, I don't see why he isn't paying for the baby. He probably needs that money to support his habit.

Monique sounds a bit slow and very much like a chickenhead. Why is she telling "Celebrity Justice" that everyone she knows is calling her telling her what she needs to get from DMX and sounding like they would like to reap the financial benefits of her being his baby's mother? What kind of nonsense is that? I wouldn't tell a tabloid news show that everybody in my life is a groupie. She needs to change her number if those are the kinds of folks she has calling her. Monique claims she wants to live a simple life, but I bet she simply wants to live off of a child support check that can support her, her son and her groupie friends and family comfortably.
If she wanted to live as simply as she claims, she would not be on television whining about child support. She and DMX both seem to be getting what they deserve. I do feel bad for the baby. His parents are just dumb.

Rick Fox Retires
In the midst of a divorce from actress/singer wife Vanessa Williams, Los Angeles Lakers guard Rick has announced his retirement from the NBA. After suffering a plethora of injuries, many of them recent, over a 13 year career, Rick has decided to leave the game of basketball behind. Rick's spokesperson released a statement that says, "He has been rehabbing diligently all summer in the hopes of returning for the upcoming season, but unfortunately his body is simply not responding."

Ding dong the witch is dead. I just hate Rick Fox. No reason, he just gets on my nerves. I did appreciate his defense prowess over the years and the automatic 3 point shot he used to have. But he was pretty much worthless to the Lakers over the entire last season. When he was playing, he contributed absolutely nothing. His defense wasn't as good and he couldn't buy a basket. He had no legs, his lateral movement was non-existent and so on and so forth. It really just seemed that his body was begging for retirement. I'm so glad that Rick finally conceded.

The Beautiful Struggle
Talib Kweli has a new album out titled, The Beautiful Struggle. I haven't heard a single song on it, but I would buy it for the title alone and on the strength that I think Talib Kweli is the greatest. If you're a Talib fan check it out. If you're not a Talib fan, what the hell is wrong with you?

- reported by Keshawnta J.

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